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The Linen Floral Sling Bag


The wifi is not working properly since last week. I think due to the stormy weather. I've been quite busy finishing few orders and also managed to finish my tester bag for Namrata's newly released pattern. I told her, I won't be able to test in the beginning, but I managed to finish my Etsy orders in time and got 2 days before the due date.

The pattern is called Jasmine Sling Bag, the pattern is now available both on Etsy and Craftsy.

And here is my take on the pattern:

  I love making a small bag and have been asking Namrata to make the pattern and I love how she improvised it from the original design. The smart zippered flap is my favorite.

I made a reversed version from what the pattern called. I used solid linen for the main body and accented with floral linen just because I want the flap in floral ^^.

This bag surprisingly quite spacious. Besides the zippered flap, it has a slip pocket which I find it very handy. I also used a cute snap button I got from my recent trip to Japan.

Since the time was short, I decided to use the ready-made leather strap I got from Indonesia.

I've been using this bag a lot and it fits in my wallet, phone and a little notebook that I always carry.  I think I will be adding this bag to the shop after I come back from the holiday next August.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of projects I have to complete before I go for the holiday. Making list helps me to focus. And here's this week list :

1. Finish and send out the London Passport Holder.

2. Cutting few interfacings for Wallet and Crossbody bag for gifts to take back home.

3. Fabric Pull for The Artisan Corina Quilt Swap - I'm late  :(

4. Shop for gifts and souvenirs - this gotta be fun !!

Those I wanted to complete this week. I hope I can finish it !! Ganbatte!! :D

That's all for today, let's go back to the sewing machine now :)

Until then,

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