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Scrappy Log Cabin - WIP


Last night I was catching up on Bonnie Hunter's Quilt Cam on Youtube. It's my fave "pick me up" channel. You know when you feel so low and uninspired. Today was one of those day. 

As I started watching, I took out my scrap bags which I sorted in colors. I picked up yellow bag and black & white one. 

I was thinking of doing the 100 days scrap vortex that is going on in Instagram based on Amanda's QAL in 2015.  I took out a couple of scraps, iron them and decided to do  log cabin block. Color and Black & White. I was not in the mood for random block.

I started with 2" centre piece and 1.25" strip. Since I was too lazy to cut the strips, I just went along and trimmed the strip to 1" after I sewed them together. That way I can work faster. 

Most of the scraps were from my bags and wallets project. And some from dresses and quilts I did a few years ago. Sometimes, I felt bad that I keep so many small scraps but I just could not throw them away. After I watched one of Bonnie's quilt cam episode where she said, one of the scrap she was sewing (that day) was from 28 years ago, I know I did the right thing!! That video made my day! LOL.

Anyway,  I love how the blocks turned out and thought of doing a couple more blocks using different colors, like red, blue, green, orange, etc. That would be fun, right? I think I'm going to go ahead and do 100 days of logcabin. What say?

How do I store my scrap? I use buckets that I got free from buying detergents. Yes they give buckets here in India :D. We get at least 3 buckets per month. So they come handy for me. Last week made covers for those buckets, based on bowl cover tutorials I found on YouTube. 

To make the pattern, all you need is the diameter of your bucket add roughly 3" and make a circle template based on that measurement. I followed THIS TUTORIAL . It's super duper easy! I keep my WIP projects in a clear resealable plastic bags and keep them in those buckets. Now I need to put label on them. 

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Happy Sewing

I love Mug Rugs


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Pele

I finally finished a couple of mug rugs. I've been making these in between doing my wallet orders. I really love making these small quilts and it's a quick gift to make.

Yellow  Mug Rugs

I used Indian fabrics in this one. They are so soft and the colors are bright. A perfect companion to brighten your day.

Green Fabric Mug Rugs

I do love using these tea mats when I am reading or watching my drama. Sometimes I use it as a mouse pad too. 

Red Quilted Mug Rugs

I used cotton batting and quilted them on my new Jack F4 sewing machine. I am not very fond of FMQ and always prefer quilting using my walking foot. The best thing of using industrial machine for quilting is I don't need to change the foot at all!! The foot works wonderfully from piecing the mulmul fabric to quilting it! 

And one big news is I start listing my small quilts in Etsy. I opened another Etsy Shop (it's called Chezvies Quilts) since it is completely different product line than my Handmade wallet, it is always wiser to have a separate shop. The price is reasonable and it's free shipping for India! Please take a look at my new shop. I hope I will be able to share my love for quilting with you all!  

Thank you so much for your supports! 

Happy Sewing

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