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Video Tutorial : How to Make Zipper End Fabric Cover

Zipper End Fabric Cover DIY
DIY Zipper End Fabric Cover 

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm pretty busy these past few days making few wallet orders, which I thoroughly enjoy. I cut a few extra for ready stock items in the shop. This time, I thought I'll make a fabric button to cover the zipper end of the zip-around wallet. It's one of my lists to do and as I go about it, I recorded a short video so you can make it as well.
 It's very easy and fun to make. 

Fabric yoyo DIY

The materials you need:

1. Fabric scrap - 2 pieces of 2" x 2"
2. Used business card (or similar weight paper)
3. Bobbin for templates (you can use a small coin too)
4. Fabric Glue
5. Scrap batting 
6. Thread and needle

Now watch the video below and we can sew along :)

In the video, I used bobbin for the template. The size is just perfect for the wallet. Depends on your zipper size, you can make a smaller or bigger button. The principle is, the fabric should be 2X in diameter of the template. The bobbin I used is 3/4" in diameter and I cut the fabric circle approx. 1.5" in diameter. 

Fabric button DIY

For the batting, depends on how "plump" your button looks, you can add accordingly. In the video, I used my old business card for the "button". I find the cardstock from the business card is just right. Plus, why throw it away if we can reuse it, right? 

slip stitch

Maybe some of you find the slip stitch a bit daunting. Well, don't be. Good things take time, so practice more. Use only 1 strand of thread while sewing the button together and use small stitches. Try to catch the fabric with the smallest stitches you can manage. 

In the end, it will all be worth it when your customers are happy, right? 

small bifold wallet
Small Bifold Wallets

Now, I have to finish a few more wallets and I hope I can finish them by next week.  I still have to finish editing another tutorial video. This time I managed to learn the new editing app on my new laptop. I used to use Windows Movie Maker on my old laptop which is apparently is no longer available in Windows 10. This one, I edited using Film Forth and I kinda like it. My old brain needs time to process new information so learning new apps do takes time. LOL. Do let me know if you have a recommendation for a super easy video editor for windows 10. Well, I love inshot app for mobile editing, so much of a choice there but editing on mobile is not convenient. 

small wallet DIY

WIP Small Wallet

  Thank you for stopping by today. Take care & happy sewing!



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