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More Mobile Phone Pouches

I've been having fun sewing these cell phone pouches in the past few days. 

I love gifting mobile phone pouch for my friends. Everyone need one, after all your phone is your best buddy :D

Beige Blockprint & Linen

Like this Halloween theme one. I love this riley blake fabric I picked up on my last trip.

Cute Halloween Pouch 

or this Indigo and Red. Oh I love indigo blue, who doesn't? and with indigo blue you can match it with almost all colors. Pink, green, red, name it and it always looks great. 

Indigo Red Pouch

This handmade phone pouch may look similar, but they are different. Like this Japanese doll one. It looks cute with red , green or pink. 

Japanese Doll Pouch 

Please visit my SHOP for details of each. and if you don't find what you're looking for, just send me message. 

So, what are you sewing these days? 

Image result for when your friend fall you laugh, when you phone fall

Until then,

Happy Sewing

Another Shop :: Destination :: INDYA

Q: What a like-minded girls do when they beautifully & happily stranded in this colorful INDIA?

A: They open an ONLINE SHOPS!!....

Yes, that’s what keeps me and dear friend Wulan a little busy these days…so, ladies COME AND VISIT OUR SHOPS @ http://phiechie.multiply.com/ (Indonesian) OR http://phiechie.wordpress.com/ (English)

Thank you and have a nice day ;)


I have finished with my last projects and these few days don't feel like doing anything. Well, there are lots of work to be done in connection with my upcoming exihibtion. So far everything seems to be going in the right direction..:D..
But I too have to start putting labels on my stuff again. There are 3 HUGE suitcases full of new stuff from my recent visit to Calcutta. And of course there are loooooonnnggg list of crafty projects to be DONE...
Besides I'm starting an ONLINE SHOP with my friend. We still trying to figure out the whole things actually...since this is our first ventures. And of course my ETSY shop which is there and I already have few things to upload but still havent got the time to do it ~ but hopefully SOON...

SO meanwhile, there are the things that I recently added on my ETSY

That's all for now...I gotta go ...till then...HAVE A NICE DAY

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