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Zip around Family Passport Wallet


Many people asked me on Etsy if I make zip around wallet and finally I now I can give the option. Introducing the new zip around family passport wallet!

image 0

Installing all around zipper is quite tricky, because the wallet is interfaced with heavy interfacing plus batting.  So I made several changes on the interfacing. I used heavy interfacing only on the main lining and using woven interfacing on the main exterior and used the same thin fleece batting for the padding. It worked out beautifully.

I will take photos and maybe videos when I make the next wallet and write a tutorial for it in my next post.  Make sure you subscribe to my blog so you won't miss the post.
This Paris family passport wallet is now available on Etsy You can choose for 4 , 6 or 8 passports. It's very handy and keep everything securely inside.

I also made the above travel wallet ( a custom order) with zip around closure. I will make more of this for stock (and I need to sew up those stash!) . The green London print fabric is finished now but I have the peach one in case you want the same print.

You can buy the Family Passport Wallet Pattern HERE , ETSY or in my WEBSHOP

Thank you for stopping by,
 Have a nice day!

- Elvira-

A Short Break and Travel Wallet


Last weekends we went to Shillong for a short break. We stayed in a new B&B resort called Windermere Resorts. Currently they only have 7 rooms available but the rooms are lovely. It has a feeling of country home. The resorts is on the hill top, surrounded by pine trees. It was nice relaxing trip for all of us!

Windermere Resorts

The boys just wanted to stay in and watching soccer match on TV. Luckily I brought a couple of wallets that needs to be handsewn. 

This purple travel wallet was for Nia. She wanted purple polka dots and chose this fabric from the photos in my Instagram page. The fabric is a lightweight Indian cotton fabric

I combined the polkadots with a matching solid purple to tone down a bit so that it won't look too busy. 

Wonder clips always be a great help when finishing the binding. 

And here is the view when it's filled up. It can hold up to 6 cards, 2-3 passports and boarding passes, pen holder, slip pockets and zipper pocket.

 All in one wallet! If you want to make the wallet, you can get the pattern HERE

As I work with different thickness of fabric, I often experimenting with the interfacing. For this purple wallet, since the fabric is thinner, I used heavy weight interfacing on both main body and added a layer of thin batting. If you're in India, you can read about interfacing in this post. I hope she will like it! 

Thank you for stopping by,

have a nice day!

~ Elvira~

Mission Accomplished 2 - Kanazawa in Winter

Hello again,

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Mini Log Cabin Quilt
Before my Japan trip last January, me and my friends discussed about taking a quilt to Japan and take quilt photos with snow background just like those quilters we saw in Instagram.  Since I would be traveling solo, I decided to take mini quilt. I completed this quilt just 2 days before my departure. It was a hectic week!!

Kanazawa Station
This time, I was not very fit throughout the trip. I had a sore throat and my nose kept bleeding due to the cold and dry weather. For me who grew up  in a tropical country, winter (snow or no snow) is always tough. Besides the winter eczema, the nose bleeding business is really bothersome.

Anyway, we decided to go to Kanazawa with the grand plan to visit Gokayama or Shirakawago. But then, man proposes God disposes! Weather was not cooperative during our stay in Kanazawa.
Since the other three girls, brought their suitcase, we decided to take a taxi to our rented Airbnb. The problem with Japan is there was hardly any people who can speak English. Thank God for the google translate. But, you have to write a proper English sentences for Google to translate it properly. Or else another long  conversation will take place.

The attendance In the taxi stand at the Kanazawa station was a nice old man who tried to help us. When we showed him the address, he could not make out what is what (it was written in English). After several minutes, he took me to the information center and thankfully, there was a lady there who spoke a decent English. After another  lost in translation conversation, the lady decided to call the house owner, and finally we got our address written in Japanese (pheeww)!  Happily the attendant took us to the other side of taxi stand et voila, our fancy SUV taxi!! We were surprised, between thrilled and worried, praying it won’t be too expensive LOL. Luckily we travelled in group!! The taxi driver was a nice gentleman, he didn’t speak English but tried his best to tell us any landmarks we passed along the way. He even got down to check out if the house we rented was the correct one.
Arigato gozaimashita

The house we rented via Airbnb in Kanazawa was a two storey house. It’s called the Ibaragi House. Luckily we were on the ground floor. The Japanese keep the house key in a mini box with combination lock. It was a little tricky to open, especially when you were cold and in a hurry. After several attempt ( and a message to the owner later) we were able to unlock the house. The Ibaragi house was very compact and comfortable. The sliding door on the other side of the house remind me of Lee sang Yoon drama! Hahaha. Anyway, we were quite comfortable there since the owner provided us with extra blankets, electric heater and hot water bags.

The Ibaragi House  Airbnb Kanazawa

After settling down, we decided to brave the cold and walk around the city. 

The city is quite impressive with big brand shops, but I love to see the indie designers shops. Most of these shops have either French or English name.

 I suppose many Japanese love French vintage theme or English Victorian theme.

coffee shop in front our rented home

can you see the star?

The next day, we thought of going to Gokayama, but we were too late plus we were uncertain with the weather. It was raining and snowing in the morning when we left the house.

breakfast at Mister Donut - The donuts we had did not contain any lark, mirin, or sake. We asked and apparently they have all ingredients listed in their computer!! 

A window display remind me of my son's concert before the trip! 

 We decided to get a one day tourist pass and go to Higashi Chaya district, where we can see the old Japanese houses which mostly are souvenir shops or tea shops (Chaya literally means Tea house)

the loop bus - a hop on hop off bus

A cafe as we enter the Higashi Chaya 

 By the time, I felt a bit feverish and I ran out of my antibiotics! (sigh!). After strolling a bit, me and Kak Jenny decided to go into a noodle shop. She loved her noodle soup esp Soba!! I could not have anything since there was no halal food. So I just enjoy a cup of matcha aka green tea with lots of sugar! Hey, I need energy, right?!

my matcha and my log cabin bag

Noodle Shop & Souvenir shop
The vintage shop next to the tea stall
look at those patchwork bag made from kimono fabrics!! 

Me and my quilt again ^_^

After a bit of photo session  near the bus stop, we decided to go to the Kenrokuen Garden and Castle. The 2 girls – mbak Belly and Kak Ria, went ahead to check out both,  while me and Kak Jenny, decided not to go. By the time it was raining and snowing intermittently.  

Kanazawa Castle 
We decided to catch the loop bus and got down at the mall near our rented airbnb ! But not before I took another photo in front of the castle gate! 

the Kanazawa scene as we were leaving 

Hopefully, next time we can go and check the castle and the garden and hopefully in a friendlier weather!

Thank you for the beautiful memories girls! <3

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang

 Now, mission accomplished!

Until then,

Happy Sewing

I will  write more about Japan trip in the next posts. Subscribe to my blog via email so you won't miss interesting post!

Trip to Hong Kong

Few days ago, a facebook friend Sunita posted about taking unpaid leave  to travel. Well, I certainly would do it. Life is too short to spend in one place, right? 

Image result for family travel quotes sayings

After marriage and kids, travel seems to be a distant dream, but believe me, we need to go out there, take the kids off their gadgets and start looking around you instead of glued to the HD screen. 

My 13 and 11 years old boys are just like any other boys who prefer  lounging around and play games  in their gadgets during holidays.

Hong Kong 
Last summer we went to Hong Kong, which they enjoyed.  We still laugh at how my younger son kept disappearing to explore the stalls in the Temple street night market or any other places we visited. 

The boys enjoyed reading GPS map to find our Big bus stop. The younger one was fascinated by double decker busses and always made us sit in the upper deck.  

How we were all  so worried during our day trip to Shenzhen when one couple in our group was detained in the immigration because he forgot to bring their return air ticket. 

ShenZhen Window of the world
{this is why you need a travel wallet, esp if you travel with family }

Family Travel Wallet 
 Even though they were tired of walking around in Hong Kong summer heat, they still enjoyed street shows and looking around. 

Big Bubble street show 
street show
They learned that there are  more interesting and exciting things to see and to do out there then looking at their gadgets.

Cable car ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Travelling indeed is life lesson : learn to be away from the comfort of the home, to be discipline, to be aware of what's happening around you, to be alert, and most importantly to enjoy yourself. 

Yes, travel will definitely enrich you as a person, as a family. Give your children memories to treasure.   

Image result for family travel quotes sayings

What about you? Where are you heading this winter?

Until then, 

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