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Red Jumper

Last winter I bought this lovely red and black checked cotswool fabric and I made this red jumper from vintage pattern McCalls 2070

jumper pattern

and here’s what I made…I just could not capture the right color though. It’s supposed to be darkish bright red and black. I made little adjustment in the shoulder length and I put slit on the sides.

red jumper-2 Red Jumper red jumper-1

I guess I can make a summer dress with this pattern…hmm….

What's new?

These are collections of what I have done and few more are coming. Some of them will be available shortly in the Shop....:)
I guess I like this collage in Picasa, maybe I'm a late comer in using this features, but it really great way to post few pictures in one frame...:)

The Notebook sleeves

I've been wanted to make one. When I saw this stripy handwoven cotton I know it's going to make a good laptop sleeves, so here it is. Lightly padded with sponge & lined with soft cotton.

The POUCHES come in PINK & Emerald.
The pink one is made of handwoven cotton. I sort of have this imagination that it will be make a good mobile pouch and all. But somehow I'm not too satisfied with the result...but no idea what was wrong with it.

The EMERALD ones are my favorite. I have these 2 fabrics for a long time. I even listed in my supply shop and sold one batch of fat quarters. The rest I just thought I'll use it up. both the fabric is cotton silk. I embelished with matte golden lace. What do you think?


I've been taking quite few custom order @ chez vies recently and it's fun...:) And since dress tunic is quite in fashion now in India, so I made several. Check out more of the tunics @ the shop

Thanks for stopping by....till then...have a nice crafty days ^_^

Done and Delivered

The last 2 weeks has been a hectic one...First, I got this "shoulder spasm" (what's the medical term for it??) which become very bad cos apparently I neglecting my body sign. I rest very little cos I got to finish few orders of both offline & online customers. The doc said got to slow down a bit and after few pain killers and "shoulder exercise" finally the headache gone. And since few days back I resume my exercise routine. I used to exercise regulary, but you know sometimes I get so lazy and lazier and lazier..and I thought I'll be okay without one...;)

These 2 frocks finally done and nothing's make me more happier than satisfied customer. When they rang me up and told me how happy they are and all my shoulder aches gone...(well, at least at that moment..;)

And few tunics that'd done and ready for delivery:

Then with Rizqi, we made cards for my friend's children. One is actually for her "virtual" b'day party on her BLOG . We had a great time. He literally likes the idea of playing with scissor, paper & glue ..oh and of course my ribbons..

(is there an easier way of uploading photos here?? I still do the "Upload & Drag" things, and it gets very tiring when I have to upload lots of photos..:D. Please share how you do yours..THANKS..BOHOT SUKRIYA ..TERIMA KASIH )

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