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The Best of Five in 2023


Here we are again at the end of 2023. Looking back, there were a lot of things going on. Even though I didn't write as much as I intended to do at the beginning of the year, but I accomplished one thing from my bucket list which is to reach 10K subscribers on my YouTube Channel!  

However, the blog is still very important to me as this is where everything started. Now, once again I join Meadow Mist Best of 2023 Linky Party to reminiscence how's 2023 had been. Let's get started! 

Here are the 5 best posts of 2023

1. Scrappy Patchwork Pouch

I love making stuff from scrap fabrics. I made a few last year and have a whole bunch of scrappy panels in my PhD bin which hopefully I can make into something in 2024. 

2.  Scrappy Wallet Video Tutorial

Another scrappy project! This time I made these small scrappy wallets and made a video tutorial too. These small pouches are very handy to use and also make a great gift! 

Small Quilted Wallet

3. 36 patch Block For Quilting Bee

After years, I finally participated in another quilting bee at Desi Quilters Facebook group. It was fun to make a few blocks every month and I learned a few things along the way. This will be another quilt to complete next year! 

4.  Patchwork Quilt Wallet

Another list that is ticked off from my bucket list is to start making a patchwork wallet.  I'm looking forward to making more patchwork wallets in 2024. Insha Allah. 

Patchwork Quilt Wallets

5. Kodomo Kids Wallet

This simple kodomo wallet is one of the most popular with my customers. It's so easy to make and kids love them. 

Alice in Wonderland & Red Riding Hood Wallet

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, reading, and leaving comments. I may not be as regular as I'd like to be, but I hope I will be able to share more meaningful content in 2024.

Here wishing you a great creative year ahead, I'm looking forward to reading your stories too (even though I may not always leave any comments, but I enjoy reading blog posts!)

Happy New Year! 


36 Patch Block for Quilting Bee


Spring is almost here. Well, in our part of the world, February is always dry and dusty and then followed by seasonal flu season. I hope you all stay healthy! 

Last week, we at the Desi Quilters group on Facebook started Quilting Bee. It's been years since we did the quilting bee. There are 24 participants divided into two groups -  Oddbees and Evenbees. I am the first queen bee for the Oddbees group. When Tina announced at the beginning of February that we are going to have a quilting bee again, I am very excited. I mean, this is the way you can learn and in the meantime get your blocks done in no time, right? 

I know I wanted to make a 36-patch block made up of mini charms in different colors. It's been high on my list. So for the 1st bee block, I go with this simple block! I made a 36-patch quilt a long ago and it's still my fave. 

This block is very easy and my block finished at 12" square. The fabrics I used are assortments of cotton fabric scraps that I previously cut and keep. 

So for this particular 36-patch bee block, I want one block in ONE color shade, and the scrappier the better.

It's super easy to make. All you need is 36 pieces of assorted 2.5" square pieces of fabric.

1.  First step is to arrange the fabric pieces to your liking, alternating between light and medium/dark. Although it's not always easy, that's fine!

2. I like to make them into a 9-patch section. Sew them together with a 1/4" seam allowance and press the seam to the darker side. 

3. After finishing 4 mini blocks of 9-patch, iron the blocks. I am using assorted fabrics, some fabrics get a bit stretched after ironing. That's fine for me. 

4. Now, trim the blocks to 6.25" square. 

5. Sew the 4 blocks together and voila you get a 12" square block.

I made 2 blocks as samples for the quilting bee and I am so excited to see everyone's block. We have 14 quilters in the odd bees group. And guess what? I already got one in the mail yesterday. Priya sent me her pretty pink block along with lovely gifts!! Thank you, Priya!! 

There are several blocks already posted in the group and I am so looking forward to receiving them. I will update again when I receive all the blocks! 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Happy Sewing



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