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Slim Zipper Pouches



slim pencil cases
Slim Pencil Cases

I have not done much sewing since Ramadan started but I have a few projects that are ready to sew when the mood strikes and I have time. Yes, bacthing your work does help! I have many projects (mostly wallets and small bags) that are ready to sew now. 

Today I finished these 3 slim pouches. I've always wanted to make these pouches. They are so useful to keep a few pens or digital pens, ear pods, or even brows and lipstick, and eyeglasses. 

I used the small size template from the Trapeze Zipper Pouch pattern and added 2 inches length-wise. I placed the template 1" away from the fold and then cut the fabric piece accordingly. 

slim zipper pouch pattern

I created the templates in such a way that's easier for you to resize them. Just like these pouches. Here's the comparison with the original size. They are so cute! 

Watch Now: How to make a quilted zipper pouch

slim pencil cases

These pouched are quilted and my current fave is walking foot style quilting. Well, I am using my Jack sewing machine so I do not really use the walking foot. But the Teflon foot that I am using works out fine. 

I added a wooden zipper pull using the suede string. I have a couple of suede strings I bought (impulse buying) from Amazon, and glad I can use them. 

slim pencil case
Striped Pencil Pouch 

quilted pencil pouch

ikat zipper pocu
Ikat Pencil Case

block print pencil case
Block Print Indigo Pencil Case

This is a super-duper easy project that you can sew over the weekends. I have the videos for the quilted version and the faux leather version on my Youtube Channel. I am thinking of making a couple faux leather slim pouches next, maybe sometime next month. Right now, a lot of things going on, and my mind is sort of all over the place. First thing firts! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

Happy Sewing,




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Double Zip Pencil Pouches


Last month I made these pencil pouches for gifts. It was Sunday morning and my son said he needs a gift for his friend's birthday in the afternoon. I need to make something that's easy and quick. 
When I said I'll make a pencil pouch, he immediately agreed. I've wanted to make this style of pencil pouch, anyway. 

I used the Doitrei Pattern for the double zipper pouch one. (The pattern is now on sale in my Etsy Shop)

It's super easy. From the Double zip Pouch pattern, I extended the width from the pattern to 10 1/2 Inch and proceeded as per the pattern instructions. 

Double Zip Pencil Pouch

This really makes a great gift for anyone. With multi compartments, they can easily stay organized and also they can keep their canteen coupons and ID Card (which are frequently forgotten ~ sigh)

This is my fave gifting pattern now since I love collecting scraps I can easily use them like the blue stripe I used here is from my previous project. 

By changing the fabric print, you can make gifts for men or women, or boys and girls. 

Well, everyone always needs pouches. All kinds, styles, and sizes of pouches. 

If you need to make last-minute gifts, it's time to grab the pattern.
You can purchase from the Webshop (use coupon CVG20) or in my Etsy Shop (it's on sale through Monday!)

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Have a nice weekend,

~ Elvira ~

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