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Classic Wallets

Classic Bifold Wallets

Today I realised that  I'm entering 17 years of blogging! The whole afternoon I browsed through my blog and found a post about my elder son's first day of school! I looked at the photos and some of them are dark. Back then, there were no fancy editing photo apps, let alone a filter camera! How time flies and how technology is so much more advanced right now. Like I literally click photos on my iPhone and within seconds I can edit them and sync them to the cloud storage so that I can put them up here on the blog. It's so much easier now. 

Reading old posts also got me thinking, what if I want to quit Facebook and Instagram (I have been thinking about this for some time now).  I recently deleted one of my Instagram accounts where I posted my fabrics, and within 1 month, there's no trace of my post. As if the account never existed before. I mean we worked so hard to put pretty pictures and meaningful content and it can just be gone! 
Well, one may argue to not delete the account but keep it. The problem is many hackers are lurking around there. If your account shows any inactivity, these hackers can just take over it and the next thing you know they will be asking for money from your contacts there. So it's really a dilemma! 

Anyway, back to sewing, I made these two wallets a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned in my previous post I will only use fabrics from my stash and these are some of them! The blue sakura print wallet is made from Kimono fabrics that I bought from Nippori a few years ago. I think it's a cotton mix, but I am not so sure. It has a soft texture and the color is so pretty. It's a bit tricky to work with because it frays quite a lot so I need to be extra careful. 

Blue Sakura Wallet

The second one is this patchwork print wallet. After making the small zipper wallet, I thought let me make the bigger wallet. Using the same fabric combo, this time I make it with a curvy edge because with gingham bias binding it will look better! 
I have the same patchwork print in purple and made one wallet with polka dots binding. I really love this patchwork print, now what should I make next? 

Patchwork Wallet

patchwork wallet

The purple patchwork wallet

The wallet features: 

* Dimension : 4" W x 8" H
* 6 card slots
* 2 long slip pockets that can fit in a smartphone
* 1 long zipper pocket for coins and other important stuff. 
* Close with snap button
* Finished with hand-sewn binding for extra strength
* Interfaced and padded for durability.

Since I got into the habit of batching my work, now I have a lot of projects ready to sew. I cut and interfaced several projects every week and kept them ready for when I had time to sew. This way, instead of starting a project from scratch I can just pick up one and finish it. Like this phone crossbody bag. I still need to make the strap but the slider adjuster for the strap is coming only next week. So have to keep it aside for now. 

And here's some of my WIP 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! 

Happy Sewing!


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