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Classic Wallets

Classic Bifold Wallets

Today I realised that  I'm entering 17 years of blogging! The whole afternoon I browsed through my blog and found a post about my elder son's first day of school! I looked at the photos and some of them are dark. Back then, there were no fancy editing photo apps, let alone a filter camera! How time flies and how technology is so much more advanced right now. Like I literally click photos on my iPhone and within seconds I can edit them and sync them to the cloud storage so that I can put them up here on the blog. It's so much easier now. 

Reading old posts also got me thinking, what if I want to quit Facebook and Instagram (I have been thinking about this for some time now).  I recently deleted one of my Instagram accounts where I posted my fabrics, and within 1 month, there's no trace of my post. As if the account never existed before. I mean we worked so hard to put pretty pictures and meaningful content and it can just be gone! 
Well, one may argue to not delete the account but keep it. The problem is many hackers are lurking around there. If your account shows any inactivity, these hackers can just take over it and the next thing you know they will be asking for money from your contacts there. So it's really a dilemma! 

Anyway, back to sewing, I made these two wallets a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned in my previous post I will only use fabrics from my stash and these are some of them! The blue sakura print wallet is made from Kimono fabrics that I bought from Nippori a few years ago. I think it's a cotton mix, but I am not so sure. It has a soft texture and the color is so pretty. It's a bit tricky to work with because it frays quite a lot so I need to be extra careful. 

Blue Sakura Wallet

The second one is this patchwork print wallet. After making the small zipper wallet, I thought let me make the bigger wallet. Using the same fabric combo, this time I make it with a curvy edge because with gingham bias binding it will look better! 
I have the same patchwork print in purple and made one wallet with polka dots binding. I really love this patchwork print, now what should I make next? 

Patchwork Wallet

patchwork wallet

The purple patchwork wallet

The wallet features: 

* Dimension : 4" W x 8" H
* 6 card slots
* 2 long slip pockets that can fit in a smartphone
* 1 long zipper pocket for coins and other important stuff. 
* Close with snap button
* Finished with hand-sewn binding for extra strength
* Interfaced and padded for durability.

Since I got into the habit of batching my work, now I have a lot of projects ready to sew. I cut and interfaced several projects every week and kept them ready for when I had time to sew. This way, instead of starting a project from scratch I can just pick up one and finish it. Like this phone crossbody bag. I still need to make the strap but the slider adjuster for the strap is coming only next week. So have to keep it aside for now. 

And here's some of my WIP 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! 

Happy Sewing!


Kodomo Kids Wallet Video Tutorial

Kodomo Wallet


Today I want to share the new beginner's friendly wallet pattern, KODOMO WALLET, that I recently released on my Webshop as well as in my Etsy shop. Kodomo means child in Japanese and this is what exactly the wallet is about. A simple and functional wallet that is perfect for kids as well as adults.

I have been making this kodomo wallet in my handmade shops and it is popular with my customers. They love the simplicity and functionality of the design, and also the fun print choice we can use. 

If you are a beginner or novice sewist in wallet making, this might be the perfect pattern for you.

The materials needed to make this pattern:
3 Fat eighth (9” x 22”) quilting weight fabrics for exterior, interior, and card slots
1 Fat eighth  lightweight  fusible non-woven interfacing for card slots
 1 – 0.75” diameter cute button
 5” long 1/4” wide elastic
 #3  all purposes zipper – 9” or longer

And of course, video tutorial is also available on my YouTube channel for those of you who are more visual learners. 

I made a couple of wallets for the shop using this kids' print fabric that I have in my stash.  These Alice in Wonderland Wallets are really cute and are popular with my customers. 

Kids Wallet Pattern

More wallets for kids! They are so fun, right? 

Red Riding Hood & Dinosaurs Wallets

The Kodomo Wallet has 6 card slots, and 1 zippered compartment and is closed with an elastic and cute button. Just perfect to keep cards, cash, and coin. The size is also pretty compact at 4" x4.5" and can easily fit into a pocket or small bag.

The pattern is written in English with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and also comes with full-size templates. 

More Alice in Wonderland Wallet

I hope you enjoy making the wallet, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment here or on the Youtube Video. I'll be glad to help you! 

Happy Sewing!




Wallet Interfacing Secret Guide


Zip Around Wallets

I've been making a lot of wallets these past few weeks, from family passport wallets to small bifold wallets. The picture above is the most recent ones. As I am sharing my works on Instagram, I'm getting a few messages asking about interfacing. If you're in India and new to bag-making, I know your struggle! You can read about interfacing for bag-making in India in THIS POST.

But I want to share a few things about wallet-making from my experience here.  As I work with different kind of fabrics with different weight, it is important to know which interfacing work best for each fabric. 

For the Orange Small Wallet, the fabric is lightweight Cotton Satin. Depends on the project, I used all-purpose interfacing when I make this mobile phone bag and this pouch. But for the wallet, even though in the pattern I suggested using all-purpose interfacing, but I used medium weight interfacing for the orange wallet. I made one using all-purpose interfacing but it turned out too floppy. 

Small Bifold Wallet
Download the Pattern

Handmade Fabric Wallet

For the Camo Family Passport Wallet, the fabric is twill cotton which is pretty thick. In the Pattern, I suggested using Heavy Weight Interfacing, but since the fabric is already thick, I used all-purpose interfacing for the main wallet and passport slots and using medium weight for the passport base. This will make the wallet sturdy and yet easy to sew on a domestic machine. And although I always prefer to hand-sewn the binding, for this Camo Travel Wallet, I sewed the binding by machine. 

Camo Family Travel Wallet
Download the Pattern

Camouflage Passport Holder
Camo Family Passport Holder

For the Blue Camo Wallet below, I use a combination of medium weight and all-purpose interfacing, to give a crisp look. 

Blue Camo Small Wallet
Blue Camo Wallet

Beside the interfacing combo, in India we also struggle to find the padding we use for our bags or wallet. Even though India is known for manufacturing all kinds of wadding/batting, but they are not available in retail and we don't even have a brand name! 
And living in the Northeast of India means even less access to all those bag-making and quilting luxury supplies :). We got to find an alternative that works best for us. 

Here's my secret sauce for wallet making: 

If I am using heavyweight interfacing, I used either flannel or low loft felt as padding/wadding. Felt and flannel are easier to find in the market or even online. The kind of felt that is used for soft toys will work or a little heavier that is used for car padding. Felt pretty expensive though, in the market here it was around INR 280 per meter (36" Wide), while flannel is much cheaper.

Felt for Wallet Making
Low Loft Felt

If I am using medium or all-purpose interfacing, I use a stiffer felt (170 GSM), like this one on Amazon

Stiff Felt for Wallet Making
Stiff Felt

I made the wallet below using a combination of all-purpose interfacing and stiff felt. I kind of like how the wallet turned out, like my most recent custom bifold wallet below. It's light and crisp. If you want a more padded wallet, you can always double-layer the felt. 

Fabric Bifold Wallet
Hexies Slim Wallet

Long bifold wallet
Download Wallet Pattern

As you keep making and experimenting with different types of fabrics, you will find your best combo and a finish that you like best. I like my wallets to be crisp but not stiff, that way you can fit in more stuff, unlike leather wallets which have limited expandable capacity. 


I hope find this post useful. Do share with your bag/wallet maker friends if you do. Let's keep the world sewing :)

Have a lovely day!



Cute Trifold Wallet - Lockdown Project

Finally this trifold wallet is done! It's a custom order which was finalized at the beginning of lockdown in March. She's a fan of Disney and wanted this specific fabric after she saw the family passport holder with the same print. Luckily I have just wide enough to make the wallet's exterior and a little bit for the wallet's interior. 

(use code FAVE20 to get 20% off)

Another addition she wanted was the ID window. For that, I used the 16 cards template from the pattern and added ID window on the top card slot. 
I personally love how this turned out and I hope she will too :). I just need to add personalization with her name. I'll update you on how I do it. 

Before I made the big trifold wallet, we were discussing color combo option. And just to  see how it works, I made the Midori Mini Wallet - a little version of the big one.  But here I used stripe handloom fabric for binding, which I must say, turned out very cute. 

By the way, I reopen my Handmade shop in Etsy and also my Webshop. The government has announced that domestic flight will resume on the 17th, which at least I hope I can start selling again. 
I know that this pandemic will not go away soon, but we have to cooperate with the government orders and keep maintain physical distancing, wear a mask and wash your hands. Maintain hygienic lifestyle.  

Thank you for stopping by.
Take care and stay safe, everyone!



Trifold Wallet Pattern


Linking up:

Midori Super Cute Mini Wallet Pattern

Finally this midori mini wallet pattern that's been on my draft folder for almost 2 years now available in my Etsy Shop and on special 40% lockdown discount! 

Title of the document Get the Pattern on Etsy

It's the mini version of the older sister - the Trifold Card Wallet Organizer. Come to think of it, I think I should give proper name to my patterns ^^. If you're wondering, Midori means Green in Japanese and the name is for obvious reason because I was working with the green apple print (ha!).

Anyway, Midori has this mini zippy pocket on the exterior, which is very handy! You will learn how to make invisible zipper pocket the easy way using all purpose zipper! 

This mini wallet also has 6 card slot and 2 mini slip pockets. It's perfect for those days when you just want to go out for midnight snack in the neighboring convenience store! It fits perfectly into your jeans pocket, it's only 4.5" W x 4" H afterall. 

Since it's pretty small, it's great for scrap buster project. You know for all those small cuts you keep waiting for a perfect project to come along :). Yup, this is a perfect one! And why learning something during this lockdown and drive away your blues! 

Thank you so much for keep coming to check out my blog. Oh, I had a little glitch at the Webshop yesterday and today, but it's resolved now so you can safely make payment via Paypal again. Well, it was  a little bit upsetting but hopefully all will end well! I trust God will never take away something from you without giving you back something more beautiful:)

Take care, stay home, stay creative and stay well!! 

- Elvira -

Quirky Passport Wallets


October is my fave month, because the weather is just perfect. A perfect sewing weather! 

I recently finished these two travel wallets from my own Pattern (you can get it HERE). This yellow one below with quirky travel theme print is  really cute. I saw this print on Nomura Tailor Instagram page and luckily when we went to Kyoto in January they still have it! I picked up 3 colors of the same print. I am wondering what to make next, since I only purchased half yard each. 

Quirky Travel Wallet Vegan Passport Wallet Custom Passport image 0
Quirky Travel Wallet

I used blue checked shot cotton (handloom) fabric for combination and a stripe shot cotton fabric for binding! 

Quirky Travel Wallet Vegan Passport Wallet Custom Passport image 3

The second one this this pink and brown combo. I call it Catman in NYC print. Salmon pink & brown always go really well together, right? The polkadot fabric for the flap is from my stash. (I seriously need to sew from my stash only!) 

Pink Passport Wallet Vegan Travel Wallet Custom Passports image 0
Couple Passport Holder

This passport wallet is very popular with travelers. Either couple traveler or small family. The passport slot can easily store up to 3 passports, plus there are 2 slip pockets and 1 zipper pocket along with 6 card slots. I always this travel wallet when I travel alone. That way, I don't need to carry extra purse with me. 

Pink Passport Wallet Vegan Travel Wallet Custom Passports image 3

These wallets and the pattern are available on both my Etsy Shop and Webstore. As I mentioned in my previous post about new Etsy advertising policy, I did increase the price in Etsy after I sat down with hubby and did a serious calculation which turned out I was in the red for a couple of months! But if you want to save some extra bucks, do check out my Webstore and let me know what you think about it!

If you're running a handmade business, especially if you're selling in Etsy, do your calculation properly! Well, having your own website is much cheaper, but Etsy has the crowd. Change is never easy, hopefully we all will be back to track again soon! Thank you so much for always supporting handmade artists _/\_

That's all for today! Happy Crafting!!


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