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NEW Trapeze Zipper Pouch with Video Tutorial

Trapeze Zipper Pouch

Hello, I'm so excited to introduce you to my newest pattern Trapeze zipper pouch.  I always love stackable pouches, but I want something different. Well, I love making zipper pouches for myself or for gifts and this Trapeze pouch is just perfect for that. The 4 pouches are simply great for organizing your stuff whether to use them while traveling, for school or office stationaries or going for sewing /quilting gatherings. And when you don’t use them, you can simply nest them together and store them! 

I made it in 2 different versions, faux leather and quilted version. The original idea was just for 3 pouches, but one of our testers, Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio suggested adding XL size and I thought why not! Thank you, Daryl!!

Faux Leather Pouches

The pattern has 15 pages written in English with detailed photos, diagrams, instructions, and also several templates. 

While I wrote the pattern using the quilted version for the pictures, I also included a video for sewing with faux leather and a couple tips about interfacing.  Yes, I finally get to use the faux leather/leatherette! I've been experimenting for quite some time now and I will write about it in my next post! 

Nest them when not in use

Quilted Zipper Pouch


Here are some trapeze features:

1. 4 sizes to store your stuff. The pattern pieces are designed in a way that you can scale them up or down easily (more of that in my next post!)

2.       Learn to sew in a curve (the easy way)

3.       You only need half a yard of each material to make 4 pouches.

4.       Video tutorials for both quilted and faux leather versions.

5.       Make a great gift for basically everyone!

    I made a couple of trapeze pouches in fabrics and faux leather too. I will share them in my next post when I'm done with the editing parts. 


If you just started learning sewing bag or pouch and want to up your game by sewing on a curve, this Trapeze Zipper Pouch is totally doable for you. 

Get the pattern HERE for SPECIAL PRICE through Wednesday!

I also would like to thank my fantastic tester team, for their feedback and suggestions. Check the photos below and click through the link under each photo to check their other works! 

Last but not least, thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to see your Trapeze Pouches. Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you make one. 

Until next time,




Kimono Wristlet Wallet

I've having a lot of fun experimenting with leatherette. I made wristlet wallets in all fabrics few months ago, you can see them here and here. And this time, I added a vinyl a.k.a faux leather. Here I am using Kimono fabric from Japan trip last year! The print is so pretty. 

Kimono Wristlet
I'm quite comfortable to sew vinyl now, though I am still looking for teflon or roller foot for my Jack Machine. In the meantime, I rub a little of Vaseline  on the leather and voila, it glides smoothly. I read somewhere I can use machine oil, but I don't like the smell.

I added 2 rivets here because it's too thick and I don't have rivets with longer post. And I love it. It looks unique! 
This pink wristlet can hold up to 6 cards, has 2 compartments and 1 zipper pocket!  Meanwhile, if you want to snatch this, it's available in my Etsy Shop (it's free worldwide shipping).

I'll be making more as time permits! My son's annual exam and  board exam are starting next week, please  wish us luck! 

Have a nice day! 

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