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Happy Women's Day - Let's empower women!

Guwahati, Assam, India


Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women!! On this women's day, I've been honored to be featured on Yourstory.com Women's day edition. A few days ago when Disha from Etsy India sent me the questionnaire, I was sitting on my computer thinking what should I write? I am just an ordinary mother of 2, doing what I love the most in my spare time from one of the corners of my home. But when come to think of it, most of the mompreneurs or women entrepreneurs that I personally know, started the same way, from one corner of our homes. 

Oh yes, we have many up and downs stories and I am glad I have a circle of craft entrepreneurs friends in my city that empower each other. Truly, I would not have met them if I was not in Etsy
Today, I'd like to give a shout-out to them, thank you girls for always being there for me! 

Achumi from Treasured Elements, I met here 20 years ago when I first came to Guwahati. She was my makeup artist during my wedding!! We lost contact for many years, and finally met up again a couple years ago and this talented girl, now a self-made Jewelry designer. She mostly works with silver and precious stones and has her products displayed at Guwahati Airport and several stores in Northeast India. 

Manisha of  MrbWatercolor is a watercolor artist and is the first Etsy seller from Guwahati that I know. We chatted several times on Instagram before we met in person a couple of years ago. I love her style of watercolor painting (I got a couple of them!) and of course, her popular watercolor paints that she sells on her Etsy shop

I first met Meenakshi from Rustic Origin during the Etsy event in Guwahati in 2019. She's a friend of Achumi's. We shared a common interest in fabrics and hand stitching. She loves doing boro sashiko and dyeing fabrics. We met a couple of times, and always planning to meet and do some sewing and quilting together. She runs her Etsy Shop, Rustic Origin Shop, where she sells woven loom home decor from Northeast India.

When we met, we talked about the hustle we have to do, the challenges for selling online now compare to a few years ago from shipping to compliance with the latest government regulations, to the worries for our children, etc. You know the real talk and we often forgot to take selfies! But here's the photo of us from 2019 just before the pandemic started. 

Do visit their social media or Etsy shop whenever you are free. Yes, there are always untold hustling stories behind those pretty photos on Etsy and Instagram. For every woman who reads this blog, I hope you can be inspired to pursue your dreams. It's never too late to start doing what you love, what makes you happy! Whether it's a hobby or a business. Just do it! 

Happy women's day! 



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A busy day for solopreneur

Not much sewing today cos I need the get my wrist the much-needed rest! I ordered gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome from Amazon and the fastest expected delivery date is on 2nd September. 

My SIL advised me to put an ice pack on my wrist which I did and it helped. So today I just took a couple of fabric photos for the shop and editing on my phone. I really love Snapseed! In fact, I took a couple of fabric bundle photos last week but don't have time to edit it. So I am just going to do that today. 

Indian Fabric Bundle

I finished the mask orders from my Etsy Shop. The black linen 3D face mask has been sold like hotcakes! I really love this trip 3D mask and I'll be making more for the shops in case you're interested. The latest one is this beige linen with cotton lining. 

I just got a few Mull cotton samples from my supplier, but cannot decide which one I have to stock. This one is good for dying too in case you're into fabric dying. The fabric is so soft. It's lightweight and medium sheer. Let see, I'll decide after 2 - 3 days! 

Now let's get back to work. I must call the DHL delivery guy to pick up my shipments and maybe more photo sessions and editing. Today the weather is nice and my small balcony "photo studio" got plenty of natural light until later afternoon. Until next time, stay positive and safe!! 

- Elvira - 

Kimono Wristlet Wallet

I've having a lot of fun experimenting with leatherette. I made wristlet wallets in all fabrics few months ago, you can see them here and here. And this time, I added a vinyl a.k.a faux leather. Here I am using Kimono fabric from Japan trip last year! The print is so pretty. 

Kimono Wristlet
I'm quite comfortable to sew vinyl now, though I am still looking for teflon or roller foot for my Jack Machine. In the meantime, I rub a little of Vaseline  on the leather and voila, it glides smoothly. I read somewhere I can use machine oil, but I don't like the smell.

I added 2 rivets here because it's too thick and I don't have rivets with longer post. And I love it. It looks unique! 
This pink wristlet can hold up to 6 cards, has 2 compartments and 1 zipper pocket!  Meanwhile, if you want to snatch this, it's available in my Etsy Shop (it's free worldwide shipping).

I'll be making more as time permits! My son's annual exam and  board exam are starting next week, please  wish us luck! 

Have a nice day! 

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