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What's been going on

We're almost in the middle of February. The past 2 weeks, I was pretty busy, and even though I have so many things I want to write somehow I do not get the time to do. 
First, I got back muscle spasm, hence I cannot sit or stand for too long. I am resting as much as possible and also doing a couple exercises and now I am feeling much better. 

I ordered a watercolor painting from Nusrat when I met her a few months ago and she painted it so beautifully! Thank you, Nusrat!  I have this beachfront photo that I took when we visited my mom's hometown, Makian Island, in Ternate a couple of years ago. The picturesque island holds great memories. It was our first visit to the island and also met many of my cousins, nephews, and nieces. Some of them I met for the first time! 

On February 5th afternoon, suddenly we got a hailstorm which was pretty heavy! It was so fascinating to see the yard turning "snowy" white. The last week of January and the first week of February were unusually very cold. And then suddenly this! People in town are pretty excited as this never happened before. The flowers and vegetable garden was ruined but that was a pretty exciting experience. 

 Another news is the mall next to our house is finally open. Not fully open but at least Pizza Hut was open for online ordering. That's really good news as we have one more option to order in. The area where we live is becoming to feel like a satellite city now. New shops and malls are coming up, in one way it's good that we don't have to spend 3 hours just to get a couple of stuff from the town. I hate going out nowadays especially since the flyover construction is going on nearby. It takes even longer to the city. 


Last week, I took a Chikan Embroidery Online Work Shop with Saba. It was on my list to learn. I was really excited about the class.  Chikan embroidery is a traditional embroidery from Lucknow and is still very popular. I LOVE Chikan embroidery and I have a few sets of kurtas and stoles of Chikankari. 

Chikan embroidery is traditionally done on white or pastel colors thin fabrics, like muslin, and with white thread. I did not have the thread that is traditionally used, so I used regular embroidery yarn here. 
Although some of the stitches are the same or similar to regular embroidery, I am so excited to learn the stitches' names in the traditional Chikankari terms. Listening to Saba tell us the story of how they came up with the name and some historical background of the design while we were embroidering away was fascinating. 3 hours went by in a flash! 
I still have to practice a lot and Saba gave us a couple of designs for us to start. But first, I must get a white muslin or maybe Kota cotton. 

Learning chikan embroidery
Katey Stitch 


I went to the Guwahati University Post Office last week to send an order to Australia. This is the second time I came to this PO. Since the rate for FedEx and DHL to Australia is too expensive, I started sending packages to Asia and Oceania by Post. It took about 30 days from here to Australia by Speed Post (EMS). The package is trackable but I suppose due to the flight restriction, most packages, even via FedEx experiencing some delay. The PO is not too crowded, so it was nice to go there instead of going all the way to the main PO in town.  The officer in here is also more efficient so the process was pretty quick. I hope they keep it up, now that India Post started international services again. And of course, I always like the drive to the University. 

Gauhati University Post Office

A couple of handmade goodies I sent out recently

Extra Spacious Face Mask

Family Passport Wallets

Small Passport Wallet
Small Passport Wallet

gauhati university
Gauhati University 

And today was the son's farewell party in School. The program was set in the morning and I love to see the boys and girls dressing up. The girls mostly wear Saree and they look really gracious and the boys look dashing in their suits. My son spent 13 years in Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti Guwahati. I remembered how he used to be very shy and hesitant to start a conversation. Thanks to the teachers and staff in SBGJ now he grew up to be a confident young man, with a clear goal in mind for his future. Insha Allah he will start going to college next fall and we have been going through a lot of discussions choosing subjects, etc.  And yes, I do feel anxious and excited for him at the same time. He is going for a big leap this year, will start a new journey et al. My younger one, who is more sensitive, often asks me how I feel about his elder brother going away for college. And when I said, sometimes I feel sad, he said " can you imagine how Nenek (my mom) must have felt when you decided to come here". Ha! I did not see that coming! 

Anyway, the party is over now and the boys have to start studying for the Term 2 exam next April. And we still have a lot of things to do. Wish us luck!! 

Until next time,

have a nice weekend! 




Eid Mubarak!


Source: Twitter

After a month of Ramadan today, we celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr in India. And again we celebrate Eid in lockdown like last year. I terribly missed my family back in Indonesia. Thanks to the internet we can at least do video chat. On Eid, or a few days before Eid, we'd like to share what we plan to cook and other preparations we're doing. 

This Eid, I made Indonesian Opor Ayam (Indonesian coconut chicken curry) using a recipe from this youtube channel. The curry turned out yummy and light!  Both my sons confirmed it and said it reminds them of Eid in Indonesia.

I made mandatory jam cookies and cashew cookies. The boys loved the cookies so much that I have to make another batch a day before Eid.  My MIL made the Indian curries and seviyan which is very yummy, and the hubby made Biryani.  We have it quite simple this year. Hopefully next year, we could have friends and relatives coming for Eid again. 

Cashew Cookies 

Jam Cookies / Nastar

This is before we took family photos. My boys just don't like their photos taken, esp. my younger son! 

Well, even though in lockdown, we quite enjoyed the day. I hope you all have a lovely Eid day too!

source: Pinterest

Thank you for reading my blog. 

Have a nice day!



PS: Don't forget to check the previous Tutorial about 

A busy day for solopreneur

Not much sewing today cos I need the get my wrist the much-needed rest! I ordered gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome from Amazon and the fastest expected delivery date is on 2nd September. 

My SIL advised me to put an ice pack on my wrist which I did and it helped. So today I just took a couple of fabric photos for the shop and editing on my phone. I really love Snapseed! In fact, I took a couple of fabric bundle photos last week but don't have time to edit it. So I am just going to do that today. 

Indian Fabric Bundle

I finished the mask orders from my Etsy Shop. The black linen 3D face mask has been sold like hotcakes! I really love this trip 3D mask and I'll be making more for the shops in case you're interested. The latest one is this beige linen with cotton lining. 

I just got a few Mull cotton samples from my supplier, but cannot decide which one I have to stock. This one is good for dying too in case you're into fabric dying. The fabric is so soft. It's lightweight and medium sheer. Let see, I'll decide after 2 - 3 days! 

Now let's get back to work. I must call the DHL delivery guy to pick up my shipments and maybe more photo sessions and editing. Today the weather is nice and my small balcony "photo studio" got plenty of natural light until later afternoon. Until next time, stay positive and safe!! 

- Elvira - 

Do What You Can

Whatever you’re facing right now, whatever you’re dealing with won’t last. Nothing does. So get a perspective on life. Things will get better. That’s the Almighty’s promise. Tomorrow brings new hope. Daybreak will happen. Get hold of yourself and keep moving. You’ll get there! - Mufti Menk

Last week  India was shocked by the news of young upcoming actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide. Fame and wealth are not guaranteed to happiness. Everyone has their own challenges they have to face every day. Even the famous and rich. We truly cannot judge people by what they appear to be in public. Please be kind! Talk with kindness even if you disagree with someone. You never know what the other party is struggling with. 

For my readers, if you are reading this and going through a challenging time in your life, I want you to know that I'm here for you. You can reach out to me anytime. 

During this lockdown, many of us feel desperate and uncertain. Some of us maybe have a long list of resolutions for 2020. But this is not the end of the world. It's OK not to be OK. It's OK to slow down, adjust your step to reach your goal. 

I like this video by Bon Jovi 

If you can't do what you do, you do what you can :)
That's exactly what we should do at this time. Do what you can, slowly at your own pace, and enjoy the process. 

Cheer up and have a nice day ;)

- Elvira-

Solar Eclipse 2020

Guwahati, Assam, India
Some pictures of Partial Solar Eclipse that happened yesterday. I took these photos using my phone OPPO Reno 10x zoom and just changed the exposure. 

One of my faves is taking sky photos. I have tons of them in my camera/phone. And yesterday I got to know quite late about the solar eclipse but luckily it was just in time. After finished reading my prayers, I quickly ran up to the terrace with my phone and goggles :D. It was a quite cloudy, windy, and humid day. 

This was the actual scene. It was cloudy and the sun kept disappearing. 

This is how it looked when I zoomed in and I could see the moon behind the bright sun! Subhanallah. 

The crows crowded me as I am trying to take more pictures. There were dozens of them, 

the crescent moon appeared briefly and I quickly took a few shots.

All the photos are not edited. I love how the cloud looks mysterious as I darken the exposure (as Eva said like in horror movie lol).

I hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Take care & stay safe,

Weekends Update

I've been working on this wallet for a few days. It's super easy one but  life happens. First, my crown broke and had to spend my birthday at the dentist. Well at least I am getting something new for the birthday, right? 😄😄 

I'm super tickled when I saw the chicken print. It's too cute!! 

And my next project is all set, Insha Allah will start tomorrow. Stay tuned for new bag pattern from Bagstock!! Yes, I'm testing for Namrata's next pattern! I know you're going to love it. I am so excited to try out this vinyl after I made the origami pouch for fun! 

Sometimes, we really need to make time to learn and try new things right? And guess what? I am subscribing to SimplyPiano app on my phone and teaching my self to play piano 😄😄😄 I will update you with my progress. I am having fun practicing these few days!! 

Speaking about piano, my son's music school is closing it's door after 7 years. The above photo was yesterday, the last day we went to Ace Music! What a journey it was. Thank you everyone at Ace Music for your hard work all these years !! But the good news is he will still continue learning with Ms. Promiti Phukan in her new brand music academy, Cadenza  from April, after he finishes his board exam. Cheers to new journey! 
That's all my little update. Do not hesitate to pursue your passion. When there's a will, there's a way
Now, I'm going to hand sew my wallet and watching Notting Hill on Prime Video! 
If you're asking, yes..I am working on the wallet pattern.  Stay tuned!

Much love & have a nice day!

- Elvira - 

Musical Night - Cadenza 5th Edition

This past weeks have been pretty busy and I was not well for a couple of days too. The weather suddenly become colder again and dry. 
My son's 2nd recital with Cadenza was successful and I'm very proud of him and all the Cadenza Team. A special thank you to Mrs. Promiti Phukan for her dedication and patience with the children. The special performance from Writam Changkakoti was fabulous and of course Nise Meruno and Thunglamo Ngullie were fantastic! 
The concert went off very well and we really enjoyed it. Even though it was suddenly raining, but the house was full! All the children performed  flawlessly. The past 3 months or so rehearsal were worth it! 
I will upload more videos of the event on my YouTube Channel. Meanwhile here is my son's performance Libertango Piano Duet 

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a nice day~

~Elvira ~

Movie Date : Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Today was the movie date with the boys and one of Rizqi's friend, Rudraneel.  They have been planning to watch Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice since the beginning of the holiday. 

Don't ask me about the movie, even if I sat there more than 2 hours, I could not understand the story. I can only say that somehow Lex Luthor reminds me of our Bollywood Badshah - Shah Rukh Khan. The body language, the way he emphasised his words, the timing of his speech. I wonder if,  maybe...just maybe Jesse Eisenberg is a fan of SRK.

Another wonder is why Wonder Woman was not mentioned in the title despite her role of helping the boys defeating the Doomsday. 

Other than that I really don't follow the story, I was busy chatting with my friends. Truthfully, I much rather watch Korean Drama any day. 

Ah, we have discussion afterwards about why Superman cannot die, and the boys keep correcting me about Krypton and when I kept saying wrong thing about Avengers, they were like

anyway, it was fun day with the boys

snack time after the movie

Now, I need my dose of Kdrama...

Until then,

Session Break

The kids report giving day was done. Now both are in 7th and 5th grade respectively. yay!! 

the boys in our vegetable garden
Nowadays the competition is very tough. I always told my friends in Indonesia, that here in India, the parents are so concerned with the children study, in this case, how much mark they bring home after every test. Be it weekly, quarterly or semester. Most children will go for extra tuition. I keep telling my boys, that I don't expect them to bring straight "A" always, for me it's more important for them to understand what they learned in school. 

Well, I must admit I also give my sons extra tuition for Maths and Hindi. For obvious reason because I don't speak or write Hindi and for maths, well because when I tried to explain they get more confuse. ha!! I always told my boys, I studied maths in Bahasa Indonesia so I am not familiar with mathematical terms in English...I know its lame haha I love maths only when I have to calculate my quilt blocks :P 

one of my WIP...too many of them :(

So, how they spend their session break holidays?  

They  had a play date
Rudraneel, Rizqi, Raihan & Agnibha

and had a fun time playing cricket to their heart's content

And one day we had a pizza day. 

when the pizza took too long to arrive, we do selfie/wefies

Raihan - who never sit still - sniffing the pepper bottle and could not stop sneezing   >-(

No pizza photos, we were too hungry to take a snap :P


The boys already plan for movie date next week.

Until then....

Have fun!!

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