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A busy day for solopreneur

Not much sewing today cos I need the get my wrist the much-needed rest! I ordered gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome from Amazon and the fastest expected delivery date is on 2nd September. 

My SIL advised me to put an ice pack on my wrist which I did and it helped. So today I just took a couple of fabric photos for the shop and editing on my phone. I really love Snapseed! In fact, I took a couple of fabric bundle photos last week but don't have time to edit it. So I am just going to do that today. 

Indian Fabric Bundle

I finished the mask orders from my Etsy Shop. The black linen 3D face mask has been sold like hotcakes! I really love this trip 3D mask and I'll be making more for the shops in case you're interested. The latest one is this beige linen with cotton lining. 

I just got a few Mull cotton samples from my supplier, but cannot decide which one I have to stock. This one is good for dying too in case you're into fabric dying. The fabric is so soft. It's lightweight and medium sheer. Let see, I'll decide after 2 - 3 days! 

Now let's get back to work. I must call the DHL delivery guy to pick up my shipments and maybe more photo sessions and editing. Today the weather is nice and my small balcony "photo studio" got plenty of natural light until later afternoon. Until next time, stay positive and safe!! 

- Elvira - 

Some Bundle of Joy

Blue & White Bundle 

How's everyone doing? I hope you enjoy your summer this year even though you maybe just stay at home like me :D. The good thing is this year finally we put an AC in the living room which opens up to my drawing sewing room. So, I can do my work pretty comfortably during the summer, which can be very humid. 

Another good thing is I have time to update my shops in Etsy as well as my Website with a few face masks and fabrics. When you're a solopreuner, running your small business from the drawing-room, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes, especially now with everyone is doing work/class from home. I will add more fabric bundles in the next few weeks, maybe a few bundles at a time. Creating a fabric bundle is fun because I just love Indian prints and colors. A few days ago, someone asked for black and white fabric which I posted on Instagram Reel and asking if I have another black and white. While pulling out fabrics, I realize that even in white there are so many shades :D

Sometimes, I get inspired and started making stuff, like these few 3D face masks using my own pattern. I use a couple of them and I must say it's the most comfortable masks! So lightweight and breathable. I either use cambric or poplin cotton for the lining because they are more tightly woven which is good for filtering. Even the triple-layer mask is still very comfortable. 

Block Print Face Mask

Download Pattern for $2

In between, I managed to sew a couple of scrappy blocks from my 2.5" box. I haven't got time to continue my granny square quilt yet, but here I am started another scrappy project. This one doesn't need so much planning though. After looking at #scrappysquaresewalong on Instagram, I am so inspired to start one. Well, I'm not good at following a challenge or a quilt along. So, I'll do it at my own pace and will not stress over the deadline. It's supposed to be fun activities for me. 
The block is scrappy 36 patch blocks (I love the first one I made) and I finished around 8 blocks now. I make 4 mini  9 patch blocks and then put them together. Sometimes I only able to do 1 mini blocks and sometimes I can finish 3 or 4 mini blocks. 
I'm getting more addicted to making scrappy patchwork. For now, 2.5" squares is my fave cut. I don't cut them all at once, but I try to cut more frequently and I am so happy now I have more varieties from the remnants of the mask :D


If you'd like to see the fun scrappy bundle, check out my Etsy Shop or on my WEBSITE.  I ship internationally from website too via DHL or sometimes FedEx if the customer prefers it. I'm so glad I got the DHL account done and I've been shipping out regularly now. I'll talk about my experience in my next post! 

Thank you for stopping by today, stay creative & stay safe!

- Elvira- 

Weekends Lockdown and Shop Updates

I've been pretty busy last week sending out pending parcels and stuff. Lockdown is relaxed and some businesses and offices are allowed to operate with few guidelines. I guess they follow the world's trend because we cannot shut down the economy much longer. We have to learn to live with it, inculcate new habits, learn to be more disciplined and considerate. I'm happy to announce that for international shipping now we are delivering via DHL. I was busy with the paperwork for opening an account with DHL and finally able to send my pending orders last week. 

As for domestic shipping, in my previous post I wrote about Shiprocket which is good, but contacting their agent is really really frustrating. I wanted to downgrade my plan since last month but no callback or email from them even after I sent numerous emails and DM on Twitter, except some automated email and DM reply on Twitter. I could not use my balance to send my orders because my request for the downgrade is pending. I wonder if this Nupur, Divya, and Arushi is only an avatar to send us promotional emails:( A few days ago I finally signed up with Delhivery because I have to send out orders. This is a really disappointing service from Shiprocket. 

On the sewing front, yes I am still making masks. The 3D fitted mask is very popular and since I introduced the Trio 3D Face Mask, now my family and friends are asking for one. Both are very comfortable to wear especially during the summer months.

Here is the preview of my messy sewing room. Well, it's less messy actually because I just cleared the cutting area. Running a small business on your own from home is not easy but it keeps me happy. And with lockdown, sewing becomes my sanity. A much-needed distraction. Even cleaning messy table or folding fabrics after cutting fabric orders is therapeutic.

The boys are still having online classes and even piano classes are online. He's preparing for grade exams this few weeks. The student has to play three exam pieces, record it, and submit it online. We've been practicing to record the videos according to the guidelines given by Trinity College. 

Here's our new fave potion to boost our immunity. It's called golden milk. It's easy to make. Simply mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp ginger powder, and 1 tsp of honey in a cup of milk. Have it warm before bed. Namrata told me about this potion and we've been having it for the last 2 weeks. If you're using fresh ginger and turmeric, you may want to boil them together with the milk. I read this article that turmeric can eliminate certain viruses. When we were small, our mother used to give us a mix of turmeric and honey whenever we have a fever and I even gave my sons when they were small. It always worked wonders. 

That's all this week's stories! I hope you keep your self creatively busy during this lockdown. Don't dwell on what we can't do, but explore what we can do.

Take care & stay safe!

- Elvira -

Alternative Filter Pocket for 3D Fitted Face Mask

Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Everyone has their own preference and that's including masks. Some people prefer a surgical pleated mask, some prefer box pleated masks, some people prefer 3 D mask without filter pocket (including yours truly). As I wrote in my previous post, in a homemade mask the most important is as long as it dense enough. 

As I progress making more 3D masks, I improvised the pocket construction for the 3D Fitted Mask. Instead of cutting 2 lining fabrics like in the pattern, I cut one piece of lining and reduce the sides to create a pocket. The advantage of this pocket is you need less time to sew them together. 

So here's how to do it:

  1. Cut the short sides of the lining fabric by 0.75". I usually fold it in half, mark it using an erasable pen and cut it on the line. 

2. Fold the raw edge by scant 1/4" and fold it again by 1/4" and topstitch the short edges. The mask lining will look like in the picture below. 

3. Sew the lining and exterior panels together as per the pattern and turn the mask right side out.  Now, with the lining facing up, press the seam of the exterior panel nicely and topstitch all along the top and bottom seams only. 

4. Fold the short edge of the exterior panel towards the wrong side by scant 1/4 inch.

5. Fold it again by 1/2" and pin/clip in place.

6. Now the tricky part (don't worry, you can do it!). As you feed the fabric under the needle, pull the lining fabric gently so that it's away from the fold that you're going to stitch. Put the needle down, backstitch a couple of stitches and sew to the end. As you reach the end, gently pull the lining fabric again, away from the end of the fold. Finish sewing with a couple of backstitches. 

7. Tada! now your mask with filter pocket is ready. Insert elastic or fabric ties as you prefer.

Here I used a kitchen paper towel and folded it a couple of times. Insert the paper and you're ready to head out. 

3D Fitted Face Mask in ETSY

What do you think? which type of mask and filter pocket do you prefer? Let me know in the comment below. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Take care & stay safe!

- Elvira

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