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Scrappy Patchwork Pouch


A few months ago  I made a quick patchwork pouch from block print fabric when I was creating fabric bundles for the shop.  but did not get to share them here on the blog. Cutting fabrics always boost my sewing mood.  And who can resist when you see these beautiful fabrics! 

If you have a lot of scrap fabrics, here is a fun project to make. This project is super easy and it's a great gift to make. Everyone loves patchwork pouches! 

Here's what you need to make the pouch: 

1. Fabric scraps of various prints, sizes, and colors. I am using these fun fabrics

2. Scrap Cotton Batting (9" x 13" approx)

3. All Purpose Woven interfacing (7.5" x 12" ) - ( if you are in India, you can get it HERE)

4. Lining Fabrics (7.5" x 12") 

5. All Purpose Zipper #3  - I am using a 9" zipper. 

Now, let's watch the video on how to make this cute quilted-as-you-go pouch. 

Isn't it fun? The pouch turned out very soft and just the perfect size to carry essential makeup! You can whip up this pouch in a few minutes to make a quick gift! Let me know what you think in the comment below.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Happy Sewing


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First time mending a quilt


mending a quilt

I mend a quilt! This is the first time for me. I watched a lot of quilt mending videos and I particularly love the visible mending one. This quilt was on my son's bed and last week  I took it out for washing when I noticed there's a small tear.  

After inspecting it for a little while, I then re-attached the border first, where the stitches came off using a slip stitch. I took a video below while I was working on it. 

I used a yellow dyed fabric from my scrap bins. I tried searching for the same fabric but could not find it. And it was a pretty humid day, so I did not want to waste my energy looking for a small scrap piece. 

The tear was only on the top of the quilt. So while mending it, I did not sew all the way through the backing. Now I am thinking, maybe I should? What is your opinion? 

Quilt mending

After washing it, I noticed there are a few places where the stitched came off, so I will mend those in the next week. This was a quilt made from quilt bee blocks, some blocks are sewn with longer stitch lengths. I suppose that's why the seam easily breaks. 

I am pretty happy with the result, though! At least for now it will do. If you watch the video, please let me know what you think and what I should keep in mind while mending a quilt. 

quilt mending


Indian block print fabrics

And I have some exciting news! As I wrote a couple of months back regarding my fabric shop, I am happy to announce that I am back! I have been taking stocks of what I have and have been busy creating exciting one-of-a-kind fabric bundles. Also, I am able to find a few resources so that I can provide a more competitive price and better service. So more pretty Indian fabrics are coming to the store soon! 
For international orders, shipping on ETSY is only via FedEx at the moment. I offer flat rate shipping for now. 

Here are a few that are already in the stores: 




Check all the collection of fabric bundles in my ETSY and WEBSITE

Cutting fabrics and making bundles always boost my sewing mojo. I have a couple of projects in mind, some Kawandi projects and also 2 hand quilting projects. I think I will make a couple of videos as I am working on it. I started this one but I think I will re-do the quilting. Maybe doing Kantha style. Let's see. 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by! 

Happy Sewing!



Some Bundle of Joy

Blue & White Bundle 

How's everyone doing? I hope you enjoy your summer this year even though you maybe just stay at home like me :D. The good thing is this year finally we put an AC in the living room which opens up to my drawing sewing room. So, I can do my work pretty comfortably during the summer, which can be very humid. 

Another good thing is I have time to update my shops in Etsy as well as my Website with a few face masks and fabrics. When you're a solopreuner, running your small business from the drawing-room, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes, especially now with everyone is doing work/class from home. I will add more fabric bundles in the next few weeks, maybe a few bundles at a time. Creating a fabric bundle is fun because I just love Indian prints and colors. A few days ago, someone asked for black and white fabric which I posted on Instagram Reel and asking if I have another black and white. While pulling out fabrics, I realize that even in white there are so many shades :D

Sometimes, I get inspired and started making stuff, like these few 3D face masks using my own pattern. I use a couple of them and I must say it's the most comfortable masks! So lightweight and breathable. I either use cambric or poplin cotton for the lining because they are more tightly woven which is good for filtering. Even the triple-layer mask is still very comfortable. 

Block Print Face Mask

Download Pattern for $2

In between, I managed to sew a couple of scrappy blocks from my 2.5" box. I haven't got time to continue my granny square quilt yet, but here I am started another scrappy project. This one doesn't need so much planning though. After looking at #scrappysquaresewalong on Instagram, I am so inspired to start one. Well, I'm not good at following a challenge or a quilt along. So, I'll do it at my own pace and will not stress over the deadline. It's supposed to be fun activities for me. 
The block is scrappy 36 patch blocks (I love the first one I made) and I finished around 8 blocks now. I make 4 mini  9 patch blocks and then put them together. Sometimes I only able to do 1 mini blocks and sometimes I can finish 3 or 4 mini blocks. 
I'm getting more addicted to making scrappy patchwork. For now, 2.5" squares is my fave cut. I don't cut them all at once, but I try to cut more frequently and I am so happy now I have more varieties from the remnants of the mask :D


If you'd like to see the fun scrappy bundle, check out my Etsy Shop or on my WEBSITE.  I ship internationally from website too via DHL or sometimes FedEx if the customer prefers it. I'm so glad I got the DHL account done and I've been shipping out regularly now. I'll talk about my experience in my next post! 

Thank you for stopping by today, stay creative & stay safe!

- Elvira- 

New Fabric bundles are up!


It's festive season now in India. The boys just finished their half yearly exam and Durga Puja holiday just started. Now I can go back to settle my messy sewing room. It's  overflowing with fabrics from the process of making fabric bundles.
I used to be obsessed with finishing everything in a certain frame of time. But, recently I just take it as it comes. If I only have time to cut one fabric or to sew one pocket so be it. As long as I enjoyed it. Afterall I am my own boss, right?

Today few bundles are uploaded in  Chezvies Fabrics Club on Facebook. The group member can have early access to the bundles. Each bundle is different. They may be in similar colors but different prints. It's totally one of a kind bundles. Indian fabrics have so many color hues. Greens, pinks, yellows, oranges, reds and all of them are just too beautiful.

Join the Club to get FIRST ACCESS to the Bundles
If you love Kantha quilt and want to make one yourself, the pretty bundles will be a great start. Now that reminds me of my unfinished baby quilt. I have done the top but have not got the time to make the sandwich.

Right now, few are already posted in the group. More will be added from time to time as time permits. Selecting fabrics, cutting them into fat quarters, folding, taking photos and editing and finally put them up in the shops are taking so much time. Since I do everything alone. But I really enjoy the whole process. 

Now all photos are edited and I will put them up in the shops whatever is left from the CLUB. 
If you're into Linen, I also got gorgeous block printed linens. It's simply beautiful. Check it out below this post.

Thank you for stopping by,
Until then,

Happy Sewing

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