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First time mending a quilt


mending a quilt

I mend a quilt! This is the first time for me. I watched a lot of quilt mending videos and I particularly love the visible mending one. This quilt was on my son's bed and last week  I took it out for washing when I noticed there's a small tear.  

After inspecting it for a little while, I then re-attached the border first, where the stitches came off using a slip stitch. I took a video below while I was working on it. 

I used a yellow dyed fabric from my scrap bins. I tried searching for the same fabric but could not find it. And it was a pretty humid day, so I did not want to waste my energy looking for a small scrap piece. 

The tear was only on the top of the quilt. So while mending it, I did not sew all the way through the backing. Now I am thinking, maybe I should? What is your opinion? 

Quilt mending

After washing it, I noticed there are a few places where the stitched came off, so I will mend those in the next week. This was a quilt made from quilt bee blocks, some blocks are sewn with longer stitch lengths. I suppose that's why the seam easily breaks. 

I am pretty happy with the result, though! At least for now it will do. If you watch the video, please let me know what you think and what I should keep in mind while mending a quilt. 

quilt mending


Indian block print fabrics

And I have some exciting news! As I wrote a couple of months back regarding my fabric shop, I am happy to announce that I am back! I have been taking stocks of what I have and have been busy creating exciting one-of-a-kind fabric bundles. Also, I am able to find a few resources so that I can provide a more competitive price and better service. So more pretty Indian fabrics are coming to the store soon! 
For international orders, shipping on ETSY is only via FedEx at the moment. I offer flat rate shipping for now. 

Here are a few that are already in the stores: 




Check all the collection of fabric bundles in my ETSY and WEBSITE

Cutting fabrics and making bundles always boost my sewing mojo. I have a couple of projects in mind, some Kawandi projects and also 2 hand quilting projects. I think I will make a couple of videos as I am working on it. I started this one but I think I will re-do the quilting. Maybe doing Kantha style. Let's see. 

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by! 

Happy Sewing!



Etsy Cyber Sale


Just a quick pop in to let you know that Cyber Sale is now going on across my Etsy Shops! No code necessary.

Here are a few new items I recently added to the shop

available in various sizes

The sale ends on 1st December 2020. 

Thank you for your support!

have a lovely weekends
- Elvira -

Sunday Stash 16 - More Shot Cotton Handloom and Free Shipping Offer


Yes, you heard it right! Now I'm offering Free Shipping for Orders over $30 in my Etsy Shop.

The shipping will be a Standard Shipping using Registered Post by India Post. You can read about the Shipping Policy HERE


I added a few shot cotton aka handloom fabrics in the shop this week. These fabrics have gorgeous woven border on one side! And the colors are really amazing! 

Bubblegum Pink

Recently I decided to try the Etsy Plus. I saw and read a few review and I thought of giving it a try. With 15 Free Listing (which I used up within few hours after signing up) and $5 Etsy Promoted Ad  coupon, I think it's a good bargain.

image 0
Carrot Orange

Alright, now check out these pretty fabrics!! They are simply wonderful. I love Indian handloom for kurta/Indian tunics anyday! It's breathable and most comfortable to wear during humid summer months! 

image 0
Magenta Pink

The borders are just beautiful, aren't they? These shot cotton also a dream to work with. Especially if you're a quilted or bag maker! 

Black and Gold
 The Indian handwoven cotton fabric always has a unique color and texture.  I made a few quilts  (HEREHERE and HERE) and also use it in my Wallets and Bags (HERE and HERE).

If you're looking for something unique, make sure to check out rest of the Shot Cotton collection in my shop. And if you spend $30 or more, your fabrics are shipped for Free!! I know, shipping can be a real turn off especially for International orders, since I do a lot of shopping from Etsy too. So, don't miss the chance!! 

Thank you for reading this! 

Happy Sunday!!

~ Elvira~


Hello everyone, 

Just a quick updates on the Cyber Sales in my Etsy shops! Just click the link to go to the shops - whether you want to buy Fabrics, Handmade Wallets, Quilts or Patterns




One of a kind Handmade small Quilts - 20% off on all items.

Thank you for always supporting my small business & hope you all have a lovely weekends with your family!!

~ Elvira

Sunday Stash #7 - Indian cotton fabric mini bundles


Red White Fat Quarter Bundle

Sunday stash today is about mini pack. I decided to introduce mini bundle because I feel smaller pack will give you more freedom to choose the matching bundle. 

Blue Green Fat Quarter Bundle
The fat quarter bundles have  mix prints and colors. Indian fabrics are rich is color palette. Sometimes, I could not find the matching name for it. And at times the color changes on different lighting. 

Green Orange Fat Quarter Bundle
Classic florals and geometrics are always popular in India. You will find the same pattern every year but maybe in a different color or shades. 

Yellow Blue Fat Quarter Bundle

But some of the prints, mostly the digital prints don't always come out again. Like the blue with big florals above or the lotus print or the polkadots. 

White Blue Bundle
Handloom Ikat Fat Quarter Bundle of 3
Handloom Ikat Bundle

Yellow Fabric Bundle

Mudcloth Floral and Paisley Fat Quarter Bundle - Indian block print cotton fabric
Mudcloth Fabric Bundle
And of course the mudcloth is always a favorite. More daboo or mudcloth bundles will be available soon in both my Etsy and Webshop (for fabric shopping in India). 

Many people sometimes asked me what to do with the pre cut bundle? Well, I do make small quilt with Indian fabrics like this one I am currently doing. 

Here some ideas for you. Follow the link to check them out :

More fabric bundles will be regularly added (as time permits). But  you can always contact me in Instagram or Facebook Page to get customized bundle.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Indian Block Print Fabric Bundles available in


Sunday Stash #3 - Indian Linen Fabrics


I've been pretty busy editing and tweaking the shops these days, especially the SEO. It is something that keep us, etsy sellers, be on our toes all the time, like literally. The works include, retaking photos, editing, etc etc. Believe me, have an online shops nowadays is not just putting up a pretty photos! 

Like these linen fabrics which are so very pretty in reality and they are block printed!! The fabric texture is simply gorgeous. 

Check them out! 

Elegant Grey and White Linen Fabric
Linen fiber is very absorbent and clothes made of linen fabrics are very crisp and cool to wear, especially during the hot summer months. 

Dark Grey with Pink floral Linen fabric

Black and Red  Linen 
Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant. Linen is known to be extremely durable. 
Gorgeous Navy Blue. 
Linen fibers are hollow, moving air and moisture naturally. During the colder months, layer linen blankets or a throw to retain heat and warmth from your body. Linen reacts to the season and the body in contact with the cloth to give the best of all circumstances.  Linen is a natural insulator. It is valued for its ability to keep cool in the summer months and trap warmth in colder weather. This is all achieved through the natural properties of the fiber itself. (source)

Grey and Blue 

The gorgeous linen fabrics are practically perfect for anything. You can make a matching dress with your daughters, or a tie for your man or boys!! I made a couple of passport wallets and my clients loved them!!

Linen Family Passport Holder

If you're in India, please come HERE to check the linen collection.

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Sewing

It's a cyber week sale in Etsy


Just a quick shop updates! 

Yes, the cyber week sale on Etsy is up and running through Dec 1st.  With Etsy's new sale feature, it is now easier to run a sale without creating a coupon code.

here are the details

All PATTERNS are on 20% off 
(both are on etsy)


All READY to SHIP items are on 10% off  (no minimum order!) yay!!


and for FABRICS  20% off on total order USD 25 or more!


Thank you so much for supporting small business!!
I hope you enjoy your shopping experience in my small shops!!

PS: If you are in INDIA, wait for my next post on Friday! I'm preparing coupon codes for you! Subscribe to my blog so you won't miss the chance!

Have a good day,

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