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Sunday Stash - Fun Fabric Bundles and Project Ideas

I've been busy making a few fun fabric bundles again for the shop. Most of them are one of a kind bundle, which means only 1 bundle is available. I really love creating bundles but my time is limited and being a solopreneur doing 101 things, I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes :)

This time mostly I made fat 8 bundles and a few fat quarter bundles as well. Check out below some of the bundles that I already put up in my Etsy Shop.

Kalamkari Fat Quarter Bundle

Fat 8 Bundle

Fuchsia Teal Fat 8 Bundle

If you just started your sewing or quilting journey, a fabric bundle is a good start. You can make many things from bundles. I made a few face masks and pouches and of course a few quilts too. 

Fun Fabric Face Masks

one of a kind fabric face masks

I made this pouch and the coaster too. I shared the tutorial for the pouch in my last post or you can see it on my Youtube Channel.

Or you can practice making fabric lanyard.

Thank you for your supports all these years, let's hope 2021 will bring some good news for us. 

Happy Crafting,


Some Bundle of Joy

Blue & White Bundle 

How's everyone doing? I hope you enjoy your summer this year even though you maybe just stay at home like me :D. The good thing is this year finally we put an AC in the living room which opens up to my drawing sewing room. So, I can do my work pretty comfortably during the summer, which can be very humid. 

Another good thing is I have time to update my shops in Etsy as well as my Website with a few face masks and fabrics. When you're a solopreuner, running your small business from the drawing-room, it can be quite overwhelming sometimes, especially now with everyone is doing work/class from home. I will add more fabric bundles in the next few weeks, maybe a few bundles at a time. Creating a fabric bundle is fun because I just love Indian prints and colors. A few days ago, someone asked for black and white fabric which I posted on Instagram Reel and asking if I have another black and white. While pulling out fabrics, I realize that even in white there are so many shades :D

Sometimes, I get inspired and started making stuff, like these few 3D face masks using my own pattern. I use a couple of them and I must say it's the most comfortable masks! So lightweight and breathable. I either use cambric or poplin cotton for the lining because they are more tightly woven which is good for filtering. Even the triple-layer mask is still very comfortable. 

Block Print Face Mask

Download Pattern for $2

In between, I managed to sew a couple of scrappy blocks from my 2.5" box. I haven't got time to continue my granny square quilt yet, but here I am started another scrappy project. This one doesn't need so much planning though. After looking at #scrappysquaresewalong on Instagram, I am so inspired to start one. Well, I'm not good at following a challenge or a quilt along. So, I'll do it at my own pace and will not stress over the deadline. It's supposed to be fun activities for me. 
The block is scrappy 36 patch blocks (I love the first one I made) and I finished around 8 blocks now. I make 4 mini  9 patch blocks and then put them together. Sometimes I only able to do 1 mini blocks and sometimes I can finish 3 or 4 mini blocks. 
I'm getting more addicted to making scrappy patchwork. For now, 2.5" squares is my fave cut. I don't cut them all at once, but I try to cut more frequently and I am so happy now I have more varieties from the remnants of the mask :D


If you'd like to see the fun scrappy bundle, check out my Etsy Shop or on my WEBSITE.  I ship internationally from website too via DHL or sometimes FedEx if the customer prefers it. I'm so glad I got the DHL account done and I've been shipping out regularly now. I'll talk about my experience in my next post! 

Thank you for stopping by today, stay creative & stay safe!

- Elvira- 

Sunday Stash 12 - Happy Mother's Day - Coupon Sale

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to all wonderful Moms!!

As a gift from a mom to another, I run a sale on my WEBSHOP only. No limits Sale. Use the coupon LOVEUMOM and get 13.5% off. Thank you so much to all moms and mompreneurs who supported me all these years!! 

A couple of new fabrics and handmade items are recently added, including a couple of fabric bundles. 

Orange Bundle

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need a custom bundle. As I run the shop single handedly, I don't get enough time to sort out the fabrics. Yes, more are coming up, hopefully soon ^_^. 

Colorful Bundles
Indigo Beige
Indigo Grey
and these wallets

Owl Wallet

Bifold Wallet

Handmade Passport Covers

Go ahead to the shop and redeem your Mother's Day coupon :). And if you made any handmade items or want to promote your shop on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and others, go along and link up to the Handmade Happiness Link Up Party! And get featured too!! 

Meanwhile, I have a tutorial coming up!! Stay tuned or follow my blog by email so you won't miss any update! 

I hope you enjoy your special day, Moms!!

Happy Mother's day!!

Sunday Stash #7 - Indian cotton fabric mini bundles


Red White Fat Quarter Bundle

Sunday stash today is about mini pack. I decided to introduce mini bundle because I feel smaller pack will give you more freedom to choose the matching bundle. 

Blue Green Fat Quarter Bundle
The fat quarter bundles have  mix prints and colors. Indian fabrics are rich is color palette. Sometimes, I could not find the matching name for it. And at times the color changes on different lighting. 

Green Orange Fat Quarter Bundle
Classic florals and geometrics are always popular in India. You will find the same pattern every year but maybe in a different color or shades. 

Yellow Blue Fat Quarter Bundle

But some of the prints, mostly the digital prints don't always come out again. Like the blue with big florals above or the lotus print or the polkadots. 

White Blue Bundle
Handloom Ikat Fat Quarter Bundle of 3
Handloom Ikat Bundle

Yellow Fabric Bundle

Mudcloth Floral and Paisley Fat Quarter Bundle - Indian block print cotton fabric
Mudcloth Fabric Bundle
And of course the mudcloth is always a favorite. More daboo or mudcloth bundles will be available soon in both my Etsy and Webshop (for fabric shopping in India). 

Many people sometimes asked me what to do with the pre cut bundle? Well, I do make small quilt with Indian fabrics like this one I am currently doing. 

Here some ideas for you. Follow the link to check them out :

More fabric bundles will be regularly added (as time permits). But  you can always contact me in Instagram or Facebook Page to get customized bundle.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Indian Block Print Fabric Bundles available in


From Bundle to Quilt


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday, my boys had a music competition in their school. It's a rock band competition. Both the boys performed with their own group and too bad parents were not allowed to see. So I had to rely on their information. The younger one was busy practicing with his friend for the last few days before the D-Day. He played guitar and just started to learn for the last few months. When I showed my mom  his practice video, she asked: "what song is that?" LOL.
The boys also got new pets - a pair of rabbits- my BIL brought back from the village. They were excited but I hope this is a short-term thing, though they are really cute.

And from my sewing room, I finally finished this mini quilt. The quilt sandwich was done one year ago or so. I meant to do hand quilting, but I used the wrong batting. I did few diagonal lines of hand quilting, but because the batting is thick and uneven cotton, it was too tough.
After chatting with Mbak Belly - my quilting friend, I decided to just go ahead and finish it by machine. After all, finish is always better than perfect, right?

Indian Quilt

I used Indian fabric for this quilt. IMHO, Indian fabric has gorgeous colors and prints that even a simple quilt will look attractive.

This quilt size is around 34' x 34" square. I quilted using straight line quilting 3/8" apart. I just kind of eyeballed it. I really love a dense line quilting. It sort of pop the quilt up easily.

Straight line quilting on my Usha Stitch Queen

Don't you love the backing? :D

 Many Indian quilters hesitate to use Indian mulmul fabric, like the one I use here. They are lightweight but have the coolest color shade and prints. The trick is to always starch it. Normally I will prewash the fabrics and dip in a starch solution water. Just like my MIL did with her sarees. That will give just enough stiffness. 

After cutting and after each piecing, whenever I iron the seam, I spray a little bit starch too. You can buy spray starch or make your own solution using starch powder. Nowadays we even get liquid starch! 

After finishing this quilt, I want to make a bigger version. May not be the same design but using the Indian Fabrics. Since I love Indian Kantha Quilt, I thought making my own quilt will be fun. Let me. If the batting is right I might do the hand quilting too. 

As usual, when I am not sure what binding to use, I always use black and white! The binding fabric, I got from Namrata. It was a diagonally print stripe fabric. Simply love it!! Just cross cut it and you get a bias-look binding!!

here are the rabbits
So, what are you working on this week? Whatever that is, I hope you enjoy working on it! 

Happy Sewing,

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