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Sunday Stash 16 - More Shot Cotton Handloom and Free Shipping Offer


Yes, you heard it right! Now I'm offering Free Shipping for Orders over $30 in my Etsy Shop.

The shipping will be a Standard Shipping using Registered Post by India Post. You can read about the Shipping Policy HERE


I added a few shot cotton aka handloom fabrics in the shop this week. These fabrics have gorgeous woven border on one side! And the colors are really amazing! 

Bubblegum Pink

Recently I decided to try the Etsy Plus. I saw and read a few review and I thought of giving it a try. With 15 Free Listing (which I used up within few hours after signing up) and $5 Etsy Promoted Ad  coupon, I think it's a good bargain.

image 0
Carrot Orange

Alright, now check out these pretty fabrics!! They are simply wonderful. I love Indian handloom for kurta/Indian tunics anyday! It's breathable and most comfortable to wear during humid summer months! 

image 0
Magenta Pink

The borders are just beautiful, aren't they? These shot cotton also a dream to work with. Especially if you're a quilted or bag maker! 

Black and Gold
 The Indian handwoven cotton fabric always has a unique color and texture.  I made a few quilts  (HEREHERE and HERE) and also use it in my Wallets and Bags (HERE and HERE).

If you're looking for something unique, make sure to check out rest of the Shot Cotton collection in my shop. And if you spend $30 or more, your fabrics are shipped for Free!! I know, shipping can be a real turn off especially for International orders, since I do a lot of shopping from Etsy too. So, don't miss the chance!! 

Thank you for reading this! 

Happy Sunday!!

~ Elvira~

Personalized Family Passport Holder


It's Saturday already and I've been pretty busy finishing orders before Ramadan month starts next week. I won't be taking custom order from next week until the 2nd week of August. 

Today I'd share one of my recent orders. She asked for personalized passport holder. I have an embroidery machine but somehow I prefer hand embroidery. Why? #1. it's fun  #2 it's faster ( at least for me). 

Hand Embroidery Family Name

I did the embroidery on the flap with a small backstitch. I thought of doing a slip stitch embroidery, but with pearl cotton, this will look better. I copied the main letters from a Japanese book and the rest was my free handwriting. 

Personalize it with Hand Embroidery

The main musical fabric is imported Japanese linen. She wanted to combine it with green and it took me several days to get a matching solid green. 

Family Passport Holder for 6

I searched in my stash and found the perfect green shot cotton fabric. I love shot cotton or handloom cotton. It's very versatile and the color is very unique. Also, it's a breeze to embroider. 

Now you can order your wallet and bags with a personalized name on it! I add a listing in my Etsy Shop as an Add-on service. 

What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by
Until then,

Yes, I love shot cotton

Shot cotton a.k.a handlloom cotton is perfect for any projects. I love making tunics, or quilt or anything. I have few listed in  the shop and few more is already waiting to list. 

it's simply gorgeous! it comes in prints too

simply gorgeous!!

This is what I made using shot cotton fabric. I did this for a challenge in Desi Quilters group on FB

Simple hourglass block. The fabrics was gifted by Sudha of Madras Motifs when she visited me early this year.

Don't you love this color??

here's the detail again.

I made few more in the past which you can see in my Facebook Page.

Until then

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