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Weekends Lockdown and Shop Updates

I've been pretty busy last week sending out pending parcels and stuff. Lockdown is relaxed and some businesses and offices are allowed to operate with few guidelines. I guess they follow the world's trend because we cannot shut down the economy much longer. We have to learn to live with it, inculcate new habits, learn to be more disciplined and considerate. I'm happy to announce that for international shipping now we are delivering via DHL. I was busy with the paperwork for opening an account with DHL and finally able to send my pending orders last week. 

As for domestic shipping, in my previous post I wrote about Shiprocket which is good, but contacting their agent is really really frustrating. I wanted to downgrade my plan since last month but no callback or email from them even after I sent numerous emails and DM on Twitter, except some automated email and DM reply on Twitter. I could not use my balance to send my orders because my request for the downgrade is pending. I wonder if this Nupur, Divya, and Arushi is only an avatar to send us promotional emails:( A few days ago I finally signed up with Delhivery because I have to send out orders. This is a really disappointing service from Shiprocket. 

On the sewing front, yes I am still making masks. The 3D fitted mask is very popular and since I introduced the Trio 3D Face Mask, now my family and friends are asking for one. Both are very comfortable to wear especially during the summer months.

Here is the preview of my messy sewing room. Well, it's less messy actually because I just cleared the cutting area. Running a small business on your own from home is not easy but it keeps me happy. And with lockdown, sewing becomes my sanity. A much-needed distraction. Even cleaning messy table or folding fabrics after cutting fabric orders is therapeutic.

The boys are still having online classes and even piano classes are online. He's preparing for grade exams this few weeks. The student has to play three exam pieces, record it, and submit it online. We've been practicing to record the videos according to the guidelines given by Trinity College. 

Here's our new fave potion to boost our immunity. It's called golden milk. It's easy to make. Simply mix 1 tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp ginger powder, and 1 tsp of honey in a cup of milk. Have it warm before bed. Namrata told me about this potion and we've been having it for the last 2 weeks. If you're using fresh ginger and turmeric, you may want to boil them together with the milk. I read this article that turmeric can eliminate certain viruses. When we were small, our mother used to give us a mix of turmeric and honey whenever we have a fever and I even gave my sons when they were small. It always worked wonders. 

That's all this week's stories! I hope you keep your self creatively busy during this lockdown. Don't dwell on what we can't do, but explore what we can do.

Take care & stay safe!

- Elvira -

How to Batch Sewing Masks


How's everyone doing? I am still sewing masks and taking a break in between. I usually cut the fabrics in batches. All you do is fold the fabric a couple of times and pin the pattern on top and start cutting. I laminate my pattern so that I can use rotary cutter 😄 

Next I will start chain sewing, one dart at a time. That way I can safe a lot of time, instead of finish one mask at a time, I can finish 10-12 pieces at a time. 

All you need is a little planning. Once you decide the fabrics, cut them multiple at a time. I usually cut 6 or 8 pieces of the same print. 

Once done, stack them together and when you have 15 minutes, simply pick up a few pair and start chain sewing. 

Don't forget to put on some good music or movie (or Kdrama for me ) . 
Before you know it, you will have a dozen finish. Don't rush! We're not on competition here, make a small batch each day as time permit. Remembers your health is also important to be able to keep sewing. Make sure you have enough rest so you won't lose steam midway! 




Pretty Handmade Face Masks

Sewing anything for children is always fun. When a friend asked for face mask for her 3 years old daughter, I was so excited and started digging my fabric stash. And since Frozen is everyone's fave that was my first choice. The second one I decided on Teddy Bear print in Pink. 

Truly, with lock down is extended till end of April here in India, having stash of fabrics is really an advantage. Shops are all closed except for essential shops. Though, today morning I read that fellow quilters  in the US were upset when Joann was to be closed because it's not considered essentials. Well, how will they make and donate masks if the fabric shop are closed, right? I also feel, fabric shops and craft store should remain open, because this is the time we need something crafting to do to avoid boredom during lock down, right? 

When it comes to fabric mask, there are already so many  experts and articles about its efficiency. There seem to be different opinion between expert in Western and Eastern Countries. In the end of the day, it's up to you whether to wear mask or not. As for myself, I refer to this article from the Strait Times and also Youtube Videos from Asian Boss HERE and HERE. Even Japan PM is wearing cloth mask and Japan Government is sending 2 cloth masks to every household. 
As Asian countries like Singapore and South Korea have experienced few epidemic outbreaks in the past 10 years, I supposed mask wearing at certain level help to flatten the curve. 

Also, in a country like India, where PPE and masks for medical workers are insufficient, there are million of people who can't afford to buy disposable mask, even if it's only INR 10 (USD 0.13).

Let's help each other to fight this pandemic. Stay Home, Maintain Social Distancing, Wash Your Hands Frequently, Don't Touch Your Face and Wear Mask when You Go Out. Remember, DO NOT hoard medical grade masks, those are for our front liners! Instead, make masks and gift them to your families, friends and less fortunate people around you. 
Thank you for stopping by.
Take care & stay well!

Mask Pattern

Free Pattern - DIY Dust Mask with Nose Wire

Winter in my place means dry and dusty. It's time to make a dust mask again. This time I share how to make a surgical mask type. It's super-duper easy.

All you need is :
- 2 pieces of fabrics - 7.5" W x 6" H
 (Kids Size : - 6” W x  5.5” H)
(widen and lengthen as needed)
- 2 pieces of binding strip - 1.75" w x 5" H
- 10" Long Elastic Cord

  Although cloth face mask may not be as effective as N95 mask in filtering fine dust, but it is better than nothing. I'd suggest adding a layer of folded tissue paper when you wear the mask, which I believe can screen as much as 75% of dust particles, according to THIS report. I'd suggest using tightly woven fabric for better results.

I'd also suggest to wash the cloth mask everyday after your use it. It's always better to make a few, especially if you're highly allergic to dust and pollen. I hope this little bit of information will be helpful for you. 

You can download the full PDF Version below  and start making.

Pattern Update : Added instruction for adding nose wire, as follows:

Adding Nose Wire :

I use twist and tie as nose wire, it works like a charm.  To add nose wire, BEFORE making the Pleats,  sew one line 1/4 Inch away from one of the long edges, approx 5” long and centered. 

Cut twist and tie approx 5” long (or as needed) and insert it in the tube line you just created. 

 Stitch both end of the tube to prevent the wire from sliding off. 

And now you have a surgical mask with a nose wire that can properly fit. 

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions. 

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Other Mask Patterns:

Pleated Mask with Filter Pocket

3 D Mask with  Filter Pocket & Video Tutorial

Happy Sewing! 

- Elvira - 


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