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Mask Pattern Hack Link - See through Mask Tutorial from Sarah

When Sarah from Confession of a Fabric Addict tagged me on Instagram that she made a see-through version of Trio 3D Face Mask I was so happy, to say the least. I mean, I follow her blog for many years and sometimes posted on her popular blog link party "Can I get a whoop whoop?" 

Everyone who sews has been making masks for family, friends, donation, and for sale. And with the pandemic, people can be really creative. When I started sharing my first mask tutorial, I never thought that in the next few months mask design will evolve so much. And Sarah's see-through mask is one of them! This kind of mask is important for lip readers so that they can communicate while being protected! Yes, wearing masks is about being considerate of others, even though it's a little uncomfortable!
If you already bought the TRIO 3D face mask, you can check out Sarah Tutorial on her blog HERE. 

Go and check the tutorial!

I'm still busy making masks too and here's a stack of Trio 3D Mask I made recently, already sent and received with a lot of love. Thank you! I'm still making a few more batches of masks. Batching is boring but that's the fastest method. Collecting fabrics, iron the, cut the strips, separate it by part, put on my fave Kdrama and start sewing. Even if I have only 1 hour sewing time before bed at night, at least I can finish sewing some parts. 

Download Trio 3D Face Mask

I already have a few orders lined up for the next few weeks and I'm making for my mom and sisters in Indonesia. If you sew, you can download the pattern from my webshop or EtsyAnd if you need help, simply email me!

Thank you once again Sarah for sharing the tutorial! You can check my other mask tutorial HERE. Some tutorials come with Pdf Printable version and some are not. 

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy Sewing & Stay Safe!

- Elvira- 

How to Make Three Layers Slim Face Mask with Video Tutorial


How's everyone doing? Lockdown has been relaxed with certain limitations here in my city since yesterday. We're in the green zone as of now, and I hope & pray it will remain that way.
Anyway, in between mask making, I am tidying up my fabric stocks. Since my fabric shop is closed temporarily due to lockdown, might as well do some care and love for them :D.
And when I saw these pretty fabrics, I know I wanted to make a face mask but then the fabric is quite lightweight. So I decided to make three layers mask. Super quick and easy. You only need 1 piece of fabric and 2 pieces of binding fabrics. (More about binding later on).

And as I progress making three layers masks, I made a slim pleated mask!! I kinda love how slim this mask turns out that you can literally slip it in your pocket or even wallet. 

Here is what you need : 
1 rectangle fabric 7.5" W x 19.5" H  (6.5" x 16.5"  for kids) - use fun fabric with border if you have. 
2 binding pieces 2" W x 3.5" H

Let's get sewing :

1. Place the fabric right side down. If you're using fabric with a border like I did, fold the border side first by 6.5" like the picture below. 

2. Then fold the other side on top of the first one and you will end up with 7.5" x 6.5" piece. 

3. Clip or pin to secure it and topstitch (on the 7.5" sides) using 1/4" seam allowance (mark with yellow line)

4. Turn the mask inside out on the pieces where the right side is facing. Press the seam and topstitch using 1/8" allowance (yellow line). Then make a marked line 1.75" from the top and bottom edges. (red line). 

5. Fold on the red line  

and then fold it back again to line up with the bottom edge. (I hope  I make sense here).

Repeat with the other side, pin it and sew the short edges with 1/8" seam allowance. 

6. Place the mask with a pleated side down on the right side of the binding.
Wrap the sides and pin as shown in the picture below and sew the binding using 1/4" seam allowance.

7. Open the binding and fold the raw edge.

8. Now wrap it around the raw edge. Topstitch using scant 1/8" seam allowance. Repeat with the other side and you're done. Now insert the elastic and using fabric ties

It's super duper easy, right?
So which one is your fave?
The regular pleats, the box pleats, or this slim pleated one? This slim pleated mask is finished at 2" x 7,5". If you wish yo make broader, you can use 21" x 7.5" fabric panel.

This is how it looks when worn. Basically, it will cover the same way since the face mask is made from a flat fabric panel. If you want a mask that has breathable space, you can try the 3D Face Mask with Filter Pocket or the new TRIO 3D Face Mask which has more specious breathing space.

Now, why three layers? Well, they said the more layer the better. Add another extra layer of cotton fabric still make the mask breathable and comfortable to wear especially during Indian summer. 

I personally prefer using binding to create a casing for the ties or elastic, instead of sewing the elastic or ties on the mask. That way, when the elastic becomes loose, I can always change it. Also if you notice my (mug)  photo above, the elastic can minimize the gap on the cheeks. Which I believe is important. 

I've been making three layers mask in the past few days using Indian fabrics for hubby's staff at the office. Indian soft cotton fabric is very soft and breathable. I used to make to wear it during springtime, but now with COVID-19 Pandemic going on, it's better to have an extra layer.

By the way, I don't add nose wire when I use soft fabric, because the fabric is lightweight, the twist and tie that I am using for nose wire tends to pierce out of the fabric. (I tried :D) 

I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. I will try to make a Pdf version or a video tutorial next time when I sew. Here's the video tutorial to make this 3 layers face mask.

Thank you for stopping by! 
Stay safe, everyone!

- Elvira- 

Linky Party:
Craftastic Monday

Pretty Handmade Face Masks

Sewing anything for children is always fun. When a friend asked for face mask for her 3 years old daughter, I was so excited and started digging my fabric stash. And since Frozen is everyone's fave that was my first choice. The second one I decided on Teddy Bear print in Pink. 

Truly, with lock down is extended till end of April here in India, having stash of fabrics is really an advantage. Shops are all closed except for essential shops. Though, today morning I read that fellow quilters  in the US were upset when Joann was to be closed because it's not considered essentials. Well, how will they make and donate masks if the fabric shop are closed, right? I also feel, fabric shops and craft store should remain open, because this is the time we need something crafting to do to avoid boredom during lock down, right? 

When it comes to fabric mask, there are already so many  experts and articles about its efficiency. There seem to be different opinion between expert in Western and Eastern Countries. In the end of the day, it's up to you whether to wear mask or not. As for myself, I refer to this article from the Strait Times and also Youtube Videos from Asian Boss HERE and HERE. Even Japan PM is wearing cloth mask and Japan Government is sending 2 cloth masks to every household. 
As Asian countries like Singapore and South Korea have experienced few epidemic outbreaks in the past 10 years, I supposed mask wearing at certain level help to flatten the curve. 

Also, in a country like India, where PPE and masks for medical workers are insufficient, there are million of people who can't afford to buy disposable mask, even if it's only INR 10 (USD 0.13).

Let's help each other to fight this pandemic. Stay Home, Maintain Social Distancing, Wash Your Hands Frequently, Don't Touch Your Face and Wear Mask when You Go Out. Remember, DO NOT hoard medical grade masks, those are for our front liners! Instead, make masks and gift them to your families, friends and less fortunate people around you. 
Thank you for stopping by.
Take care & stay well!

Mask Pattern

Video How to Make Pleated Surgical Face Mask


I hope you're all doing fine. We're in the third week of lock down now and I sort of get used to it. Few day ago I recorded video while making the pleated mask and just have time to edit and put it up on my YouTube channel. I hope this video will help. You can download the pattern in the link below this post. 

I'm still learning how to record a better video. This time, I am using my pocket camera and I sort of like it better. I am still editing it form my mobile though. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and inspired to learn or make  one ^^.
I gotta go and finish few more mask now.

Until then,
Take care and stay healthy!


Pattern Update : Pleated Mask without Binding

Just a quick post regarding pleated mask. If you don't want to do the binding like in the original tutorial, you can do the following : 

1. Cut the fabric 9.5" Wide x 14" long. (For broader face, you can cut 10" W or as needed). The measurements in this tutorial here is based on general surgical mask.

2. Follow the tutorial for creating pocket, nose wire and pleats. 

3. Once, you're done, the mask should measure more or less as follow: (please note that you can modify the pleats, the tutorial is guidance, esp for novice sewist) 

4. Now,  fold the raw edges by 1/8" or so towards the lining side (where the pocket is) and then fold it again by 1/2" and edge stitch. (I am making mask without lining here) 

5. Insert the elastic or ties and it's ready. Super easy! Maybe a bit fiddly in the beginning but you will get the hang of it. 
Thank you for downloading the tutorial. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. 

We're all in this together and we will get through this pandemic together. Keep sewing, stay healthy and safe, everyone! 

Happy Sewing,

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