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A statement travel wallet

Hello and Happy Monday!

It's already middle of the month. It's been a busy month for me. On the home front, my younger son won his second Taekwondo medal on Saturday. It was a bronze medal but we are so proud of him!!

Sewing wise, I finished 3 passport holder in 3 different style. Two were orders and the 3rd one I made for stock.

She wanted the Travel wallet for his son which can fit in  passport booklet of 3. I suggested this pattern which I used for my own wallet when I travel.

I change  the interfacing for the slot using woven interfacing and it can easily fit in 3 booklet Passport.

I also added a flap just to make it extra secure. The flap measure 0.75" w x 6" H. It's perfect size for this wallet. As for binding, I decided using the same exterior fabric.

The second wallet she wanted for herself. She loves sewing and she loves green. After sending her photos of  fabric choices, she settled for this sewing notion print which I got from Japan trip last time.

I am so glad I finally got to use this fabric. On the inside I used similar combo as this wallet, which she initially referred to.  It's a perfect statement wallet, right? That's why handmade fabric wallet is always better, IMHO. ^^

The 3rd one is this passport cover using the same fabric as the first wallet. I really love this naval theme fabric.

This was a fast project. I am in the process of writing the pattern right now which hopefully will get into testing by the end of this week.

I love how compact is this one and if needed, you can add more card slots on the other sleeve as well, or maybe adding zipper on the other sleeve. What do you think?

I am quite happy to be able to finish the wallets last week. I guess the batching is working great for me. They say, it needs 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to become a lifestyle. I even got myself a new planner! 

Now I can keep everything in track. Even though there are lots of apps on the phone nowadays, I feel writing on a book is so much better.

I hope I will be able to stick to this new habit :D

Have a lovely Monday!

Travel Wallets and a sling bag


If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.

— Michael Jordan

March was a pretty busy month for me, sewing wise. Not that I sew so much, but I started digging on my quilting UFO and decided to pick up where I left off. Let's see where this decision will take me next. 

Passport Holder Travel Wallet

In between digging up my UFO bins, I finished this Paris Travel Wallet order from my Etsy Shop. I love working with Japanese Linen. This travel wallet is another pattern of mine, which I have not time to finish writing the instructions. But I will, hopefully soon ;) 

It has plenty of pockets for passports, cards, ID card, Zipper Pocket and slip pocket. I love my wallets with binding since it gives the handmade look and we can always improvise with the binding colors/fabrics. Plus, the wallet will last longer, even if it's over loaded. 

Yellow Travel Wallet

Another finish is this Yellow Travel Wallet for a local order from a friend. I still need to one more for her, which will be done this week. You can get the pattern HERE.

The hardest part is to choose the matching color and how to make it one of a kind. 

One thing I still struggling till now is installing metal snap :( . I have all the tools that are needed to install the snap and even watching tutorial on YouTube but I always end up wasting more than half dozen of snaps. But I won't give up ^_^. 

If you follow me in Instagram, you must have seen this Indigo blue sling bag. I made that for hubby's aunt who visited us last week. I made a sling bag for her last year to take when she goes for her morning walk, now her friend wanted one. 

I made a simple one with zipper top and a front pocket which closes with magnetic snap button. I love this Indian print fabric, it is one of my fave print.  It was a fun quick project. I hope the lady who ordered it will love it. 

So that was a bit of late post from last week. I'm looking forward to finish up a couple of projects from my UFO bins this month! What about you?

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Sewing

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A lot of Passport Covers

Hello again,

I will show you what I made a couple of days ago! Yes, I am still in 'use-my-scrap' mode. But sometimes, I could not resist esp when cutting fabrics order.

First is this Indigo blue paisley Passport Case. Everybody love paisley and I must admit, whenever I see paisley fabrics in the market, I must buy it. My suppliers even know this weakness of mine.

Paisley Passport Cover
The second one is this  Black and Offwhite tree print which (I think) is just too cute to pass, right? It's good to gift to both man and woman. 
Off-white Black Tree Print Passport Cover

I simply love this green passport holder. The color, the print, the color combination, all of it. I still have quite a bit of this print, I might make a single passport wallet or a family version too.

Green Passport Cover

This Aqua Green fabric I keep for quite a while. Recently I started making fat quarter bundles for the both my Etsy and Chezvies Shop. While cutting this, I decided I must keep a little bit and voila! This print and color don't always available in the market. I hope next summer my supplier will bring more of this color and print.
Aqua Green Passport Cover
Then I continue making this black and white passport holder. I really love this fabric, that I used the same fabric for the lining. Afterall black and white is always timeless.

Black & White Passport Cover

And these 2 cute passport covers I completed last  Saturday. I was not sure what to make of the dog fabric one. I thought the dog print would be too big for the cover, but it turned out perfectly fine. Even the I woof you print just on the right spot!

Passport Cover for dog lovers
It turned out I still have this cute blue fabric from the quilt I made for Josephine, my friend Agnes' daughter, 2 years ago. 

Blue Cat Passport Cover
The color is so soft, it was a bit difficult to take photos to capture the real color. My fave photo session time is in the morning before 10 AM but most of the time I have to do it after 10 AM. Good thing I put up a sheer curtain on my enclosed balcony, so it worked out well as a diffuser. 

So, what are your fave pattern to make with your scraps? 
Please write your blog or SNS link in the comment, I'll be glad to check them out.

Until then,

Happy Sewing

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