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Scrappy Patchwork Zipper Bag


Patchwork Zipper Pouch

Autumn is here, though we don't have the colorful leaves but the weather is very pleasant. I made few stuff last week, aside from few custom orders. Well, sometimes we have to make time for fun sewing, right?

One was this quilted zipper pouch which I made from scraps. I bought the scraps from Indonesia and the scraps are quite small, around 6" x 18" and some of them are uneven cuts. I cut few of them into 2.5" squares (my fave size) and choosing few dark, medium and light value from the squares. 

Work in Progress

I really love working with small scraps of fabrics and I promised myself that I will make more scrappy projects for myself and also to share with the world :D
I used fun apple print cotton fabric for the lining. It really brighten up the pouch. 

I was going to do the regular zipper top closure, but I want something to zest it up a bit. I have many bias binding from making passport wallets, zipper with binding is the obvious choice! There are 2 ways of attaching the binding that I did. The one like in THIS pouch or THIS one where I attach the binding strip to the main fabric before attaching the zipper.  On this pouch though,  I sewed the zipper first then attach the binding with machine on one side and then finish it with hand sewing. Insha Allah I will make a tutorial when I am working on the next one. 

I did simple diagonal quilting here with the help of  washi tape! Well, I usually just eyeball it though :D. On the other side, I used floral print and quilt it in the same manner. And if you're wondering about the tag which I attached on the side, it was not intentional. The fact is I forgot to attach D ring and had to make an improvisation here. 

 Please let me know what you think in the comment below. Thank you for spending time reading my post, I hope I can inspire you in a small way ^_^.

Happy Sewing,

More DIY Block Print Pouches


I completed 2 more pouches using the fabric I printed last month. This time I made a medium size zipper pouch and a kindle cover. 

I used indigo processed jute fabric for the combination. I really love the fabric and have been waiting for the perfect project. 

Indigo Bell Kindle Cover

The bells are quite cute, aren't they? I think I may make more in different colors, maybe orange, yellow or green. I already have a red one, which I have not found a perfect match for it. 

Kindle Paperwhite Sleeve

I used my own Kindle Cover pattern  and added a short strap, just long enough to carry it like a purse. The kindle size is the favorite of many, because the size is perfect, for a mini cross body bag, perfect for both adults and children. 

As for the zipper pouch, this time I attached the zipper with reference to Noodle Head Tutorial. I really love the method.

I used a metal zipper. It was a bit fiddly to do the zipper, but I found an effective way to do it. I didn't take any photo, but I promise I will share in my next blog post. 

Sailing Ship Zipper Pouch 

This sailing ship pouch is a bit different than the previous large pouches. In this one, I used batting which I ordered from Tina of The Square Inch. Tina was kind enough to send me samples of the battings that are available. I chose 3 different battings. This one I used the 150 gsm polyester fleece batting and I really love the result. It's firm and gives enough cushioning so that one can keep gadgets in it. 

It's been fun and productive week for me. What about you? What have you been working on?

Until then,

Happy Sewing

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