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Black n White Pinwheel Quilt

I've done my second custom order of big summer quilt. This one is 84" x 102". She asked for a black n white quilt for her son. So, since I love Pinwheel, I made this one for him. 

Done and delivered:

They were very happy with this one and the Pink and Lavender one. In the end, a happy customer is the biggest reward. They really made my day. 

More photos available in my Google + Album.

To see more about my quilt, visit my Facebook Page .

Thanks for stopping by...until then..

Happy Quilting

Trial and Error

Admitting Error clears the Score, And proves you Wiser than before.

A friend wants me to make a black and white quilt for her son. So I have this simple 9 patch black and white block with a dash of colors. I was thinking it would be brighter and since she doesn't want any red on it so I go ahead on cutting and sewing frenzy

and another phone call came and said it should be just black n white and grey. So I had to abandon the 9 patch block and changed it to pinwheel (yes, my favorite). And since I cut black and white fabric into 5" squares I just don't have the heart to cast them away. So I used the same 5" and sewing away. 

After 20 blocks I realized that this will be too tiny for a big quilt. Too much of work. I will need like 80 blocks (Dear God)..but it's so CUTE! I love working with HST but 80 blocks is almost overwhelming for me as a daring beginner quilter :D
And after lots of thinking, I decided to make the same pinwheel pattern but with a bigger square pieces. So I started cutting 10" squares and sewing away. There you are..I need few more blocks to make a complete big quilt :)

and what about the small ones?? I made cushion covers with them. Out of 20 blocks I made 5 cushion covers which looks so cute :)

If you like the cushion covers, it's up for sale on my ETSY shop.

Well, sometimes you have to learn it the hard way...but then again, sometimes mistake is creativity in disguise :)
Until then...happy quilting

Black and White Pinwheel Lap Quilt

Remember this ONE? Finally I have done it. It takes rather long :)  As usual I'm using flannel  batting since I don't get a proper batting as yet in this corner of the world. Well, I believe in using what ever available at hands now. And to be frank, flannel batting is not bad at all, though it's a bit expensive -_-

Here it is sitting prettily on my swing :)

Black, white and red

It has scrappy backing and scrappy binding too. I thought of doing free motion quilting but I'm not confident enough to do it in a bigger quilt :D.

scrappy backing

More photos you can see them in my FLICKR.

Until then...Happy Quilting ^_^

Finish the top

The progress of this one is a bit slow. I got distracted doing something else and kind of neglected this one. I love how it turn out. So Yesterday, I took it out from the cupboard, cut strips for the border and voila...

 can U spot the pinwheel?

I love the pinwheel in the middle. It's sort of hide n seek pinwheel. I've done the mini quilt with this design before. If you notice the border, I didn't do the usual, instead to stitch the white n red one first and than attach it to the quilt top. And I think I will use scrappy binding from the black and grey fabric. What do you think?

March and April BOM for Vaani

The IMQG Facebook page  is buzzing with activities with more and more member everyday. Currently I join the BOM for Vanni, an NGO run by Brinda, a member of IMQG. We all will be making quilt and donate it to Vaani. Last month's BOM was simple pinwheel. And I made this simple 12" pinwheel block. 

the April BOM is flying geese. I played with 2 design which I got the tute from the net. (sorry I forgot the link, will update it later)

This is the first one:

and this is the second one:
star - flying geese

I love how the second one turn out. I'm using one tutorial which you waste to fabric in making the flying geese. 

I guess next time I better take step by step photos on how I do my block it'll make it easier and bookmark the tute link too...hmm

Until then..
Happy Quilting

Let's twist again

Do you remember when,
Yeaaaah,let's twist again,
twistin' time is here!

- the beatles -

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love pinwheel block. And there are whole lots of pinwheel variation in the world of patchwork ^_^. 

the last few days I was kind of having a 'sewing block'. There are long to-do-list including a couple of custom orders :S. Maybe I just too worried about what the doc might said which turned out I'm improved quite a lot and should continue the meds. 

Then I browsed youtube for hours watching one tutorial after another. Thank God for all those generous people in quilting world who happily share their knowledge.

So, now let's put on some music and let's TWIST 

I don't know what's the name of this one. But I like it. This is easy one. 

this is my favorite. It turned out quite well, in spite of my DIY quilting rulers I made my self. Modified it to make a twister rules ;). This one left a bit of fabric waste, which I think you can always re-use it. 

This is I made according to video tutorial in youtube or if you like picture tutorial you can see it HERE and HERE.

so let's do more twist and make something ...yeeaahh..

Who's that,flyin up there?
Is it a bird? Noooooo
Is it a plane? Noooooooo
Is it the twister? YEAAAAAAAHH!

Until then....happy twisting

things were really hummin',

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