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Quilting Bee Update - February March Blocks


In the past few months, I am enjoying making blocks for the quilting bee that is going on in the Desi Quilters Group on Facebook. This red quilt as your go block is for Deepti. Oh, I love doing QAYG, and looking at what others have made in the group is really inspiring. This red QAYG block is approximately 14.5 x 14.5 inches unfinished. 

The challenge of making a bee block is when the Queen Bee is only asking for the unfinished block size without specifying what kind of block or what color they prefer. When this happened I tend to choose the traditional blocks. Like this Purple Star Block. Aparna was asking for 101/2 inches block and I am in the mood to do some HST.

I searched on Pinterest and found this star block from Bernina  Summer Sparkle Quilt Along on We All Sew. I thought this will be perfect! 

Made another one using Indonesian Batik

As usual, I recorded the video as I sew just for fun! 

Another block I made is for Revathi. She wanted courthouse steps log cabin block. The log cabin is another fave block of mine and I'm so excited to make this one. Here's what I sent to Revathi. The block is based on THIS tutorial
The centerpiece is 3.5" square and the strip is 2" wide. You can cut the fabric strip before sewing them together, or (my preferred method) is just sew and cut later like in THIS video

Courthouse Steps Log Cabin for Revathi

And of course, I made a mini version just because I love this pink and blue bundle! The block is 7 x 7 inches unfinished, I think I am going to make a coaster with it. 

This quilting bee is really a great and fun learning experience for me. For some blocks, I made a few and keep, and maybe will assemble them together later on. Meanwhile, I have received all my blocks! I will share them in my next post! I always plan to write regularly but never happened. I really should make an effort to write more.  

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Happy Sewing! 




Hello December

Time flies when you're having fun
This is one fun I had in the past week

Mini table topper made for Desi Quilter's Spread Some Cheers which sponsored by The Square Inch. This program is to help raise fund for Swanthana, a home for physically and mentally challenged girls based in Bangelore. If you'd like to participate, you can read more further information HERE

I sent this cheerful table topper to sell at the school fairs and the proceed will go to the Home. Hopefully it will fetch a good sum. 

I made this based on Quilting in the rain's Book "Quilt as you go made modern
It's very addictive. I plan to do the quilt along, but I will take my time. It's going to be my fun projects. 

You know when you're doing the same thing all the time and you need to recharge by doing something fun. 

I tried different decorative stitches here and it was a lot of fun!!

 I always love Rita of Red Pepper Quilt's binding and how fab it is. If you notice, my project always take a long time to complete, that's because I took a long time to decide what backing and what binding will work best. Sometimes I even mulling over what quilting line should I do. 
Especially for small quilts, I am extra careful in choosing my fabric combo.

 What about you? What fun did you have?

Until then,

Happy quilting

WIP update

Which part of quilting is your favorite?
I love the piecing part
 putting together small fabrics into something bigger is really exciting

and playing with them in my "small" DIY design wall is so much fun

the mug rug I made as trial I gift it to my sons' piano teacher
as a thank you gift
The Big R has recently passed his 1st grade Trinity Exam with 80% marks 
He did well, in spite of him having school exam at the same time

So, I made another one for the QAL, but got carried away =,=
the size is too big!

I think I'm going to go with 9" block finished size
I got all the strips ready

Meanwhile, I finished piecing half of this quilt
another 3 sets (12 blocks) to piece
that will have to wait until I'm back from the holiday

I'm trying to get organized here
besides the small quilt projects 
I'm trying to piece at least 2-3 blocks of the bigger projects

I guess doing several projects together has its own excitement
but when it comes to quilting it
that's another story
I have 3 tops which ready to quilt 
and I don't know when I'm going to pick them up

meanwhile, if you're looking for some bundles to cheer you up
I just added Fat Eighth and Charm Packs in the shop today

Until then

Happy Quilting

No rocket science

I've been posting wallets on my Facebook Page and a lot of people ask how did I do my binding. Well, it's quite easy, basically like binding a quilt. I used to use single fold binding but now I find using a DOUBLE FOLD bias binding is easier. About how to make continues bias binding, I talked about it in this POST.

I cut the binding fabric 1.5" wide or 1.75" wide if the wallet is thick to make 1" (++) binding. Using double fold binding makes it easy for you to maintain an even width binding. 
Second tip is always  neaten/straighten the edges before attach the binding. That really makes a difference.

Here, I will just show you how I do it ^_^. Insha Allah next time I'll make a better tutorial.

For wallet, I always machine stitch the inside and then turn it around and hand stitch (slip stitch) on the outside. I find that neater.

See, it's super easy
all you need is a little practice and patience ;)

I've been wanted to try quilt as you go and happened to see post  by Jera at Quilting in the rain  in Instagram.  She has this QAYGmademodern QAL in her blog. It's based on her book of the same title.
I downloaded the digital copy in my kindle and get down to work. 
it's so FUN and I feel silly, cos when I saw few tutorials on youtube I was kind of afraid hesitant to try 0_0

and in less then an hour (from cutting to hand-sewn the binding) I got this little mug rug done

now, we can have tea or coffee  in style

See, it's  no rocket science

I have cut more strips to join the Quilt Along
it's just started
so run along and let's have fun

Happy Quilting

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