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Some quilting and sewing

mini quilt
Mini Quilts

Hello, how are you doing? I've been busy with many random things the past few weeks. I share this scrappy mini pillow on my Instagram a few weeks ago. I made it for fun and to test hand quilting using cotton thread which I got from the local shop.  The mini pillow is for wrist pillow when I am working on my computer. And I just had fun while taking photos. Hmm, I think it can be a doll pillow too. 

quilted pillow

I also finished a couple of wallet orders and face mask orders too. Thank you for always supporting handmade! I know there is a lot of more pretty stuff out there that is cheaper and prettier, so I am truly grateful when someone chooses to buy my handmade instead. It really means a lot. 

In the past 2 years, the e-commerce business has really boomed and the online market is flooded with all kinds of products. And of course, the competition is tougher too. It is a very challenging year but I believe that if we create with heart and sincerity, it will pay off. I always try to move forward at my own pace. Although sometimes, I got caught up in the 'rate race" of social media. I think we should not lose focus on our goals, things that make us happy. For me, to be able to create something and share my knowledge makes me happier. This reminded me of one quote from one drama I watched that goes

" you cannot just move forward and leave your heart behind".
This statement stuck with me for a few days, trying to make a sense of it. What do you think of the quote? 

Small wallet
Mini Zipper Wallet

Family Passport Wallet
Ikat Family Passport Holder

Singers face masks
Singing Face Masks

I started another Kawandi pillow too and this is the current state! I am still not able to get time to continues as I am currently working on my next pattern! I hope I will be able to release the pattern by end of next week. 

There are so many things  I want to learn and experiment with.  Well, I did a couple of experiments that were halfway done and stashed in my WIP box. I think I will just make a video and show you all what's on my WIP box one day. 

Kawandi Pillow
Kawandi Pillow WIP

I also went with my son for his IELTS tests last week. The place was near my fave shop, so I went there (after 2 years!)  and a pick up a couple of kurtas. I can't resist Indian print tunics! 

And when you saw the window with patterns that remind you of quilting lines, you must take a photo! Yup, that was me, taking a selfie with the window :)

looking out 


The weather is pretty chilly and dry these past few days. My MIL's flowers are blooming beautifully this time. No, I can't grow plants. Somehow, they always die when I try to grow one. LOL. 

We also got a new baby calf yesterday.

Thank you for stopping by! Wherever you are, please take care and stay safe! 

Have a nice day,



Hand Quilted Skinny Table Runner

 Skinny Table runner

I started this skinny table runner a few months ago, but I only finish hand quilt it yesterday. Well, as usual, a lot of distractions along the way. The day before yesterday after I finished my wallet's orders  I thought I'll start another Kawandi pillow but then I saw this runner and thought " let's get this done first!" 

hand quilting

Still in my favorite design from Suzuko Koseki's book and quilted it in kawandi style. I want to make a bigger one but not sure if I can do the hand quilting. And I'd love to hand quilt it. For now, it will be on my bucket list. I will practice more now. 

By the way, if you watch Margareth Fabrizio's video that I mentioned in the previous blog post, I saw that she was holding a small pillow when she was quilting and I also saw the Siddi ladies were doing the same. I thought maybe that will make my hand /palm less painful (I have a CTS problem). So I decided to make one and have been practicing when I was working on this table runner. And yes, my hand feels more comfortable. It takes a little time to get used to it but I liked it. 

hand quilted table runner

kantha table runner

kantha table runner

Now that is done, I can start the Kawandi Pillow that I want to start. Somehow doing Kawandi is relaxing and I can sit and just sew without worrying about anything else. 

Skinny Table Runner Details

Pattern: from Suzuko Koseki Book "Modern Quilts"
Batting: Cotton Batting
Thread: Anchor #8 Pearl Cotton

Ah, today I learned a new saying from one of the dramas "sometimes we have to walk slow, to let our body catch up with our soul". I did some googling and found this article by Beth Bruno "Be Still; Your Soul is Trying to Catch Up With You" on Medium. Here are a few lines that I can totally relate to: 

"Sometimes life comes at us so fast and furious we have no time to sit with our souls and check-in." Beth Bruno

"Remember that your list will still be there tomorrow. And many of the things on it can wait. In fact, some things on that list don’t matter at all, when you really examine them. But your soul needs you. And you need it. Take time to reconnect as often as you can. You will be glad you did. - Beth Bruno

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Have a nice day! 



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