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Finish Quilts - Finally!

Guwahati, Assam, India

scrappy quilt

The past few days I've been busy spring cleaning (and it's not done yet!). The weather is pretty peculiar this year. We had chilly weather throughout February and turned pretty dry and hot in March. And it's pretty dusty too. I usually start packing winter clothes and duvet around April, but this time I am doing it early. Yesterday,  all duvet is washed and kept away today. 

 I have two quilts that came back from Tina at the Square Inch. The first one is the ground cover quilt top that I did 2 years ago. The top was quite big but Tina suggested making it bigger if it's meant for my elder son, who is 6.1' tall. After a few chats over WhatsApp, we agreed on this green border and black and white bear for backing! I used mostly scrap from wallets and bags, and I am glad I did. I still have lots of scraps that I don't have the heart to throw it away. When I look at this quilt, I can't help remembering what stuff I made with those fabrics. 

I really love the emerald green fabric that Tina suggested. It really framed the patchwork well. For the backing, I chose the bear print fabric and love it!! 

scrappy quilt

scrappy quilt

The second quilt is the Jellyroll race quilt in Batik. I think I finished the quilt top back in 2019 when I was doing this quilt. The JR was a gift from my BFF mbak Belly when we first met in Jakarta years ago. At the time, I just started learning about patchwork and quilts. I finally decided to make another Jellyroll race quilt with it. Once I did the top, I was still undecided on what to put for the border and backing. This part usually takes me so long to decide. And when I sent it to SQI and had a discussion with Tina, we decided to use Indian batik for borders and backing. The Square Inch has good collections for Indian Batik. Definitely, 2 heads are better than one, right? 

Jellyroll Batik Quilt

The quilts are washed and now in use. I may need to make another one for my son when he goes to college, but still undecided what pattern to use. I took out one batik JR and also Indian fabrics in the shade of blue. Let's see which one will I finally make first! Just waiting for the idea to strike. 

block print cotton fabric bundle
Blue Fabrics 

What are you planning next? Do let me know in the comment below. 

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Sewing!!



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First Quilt of the Decade Ground Cover Quilt Top

Hello everyone, 
I hope your new decade started with a bang! Well, though political situation still pretty tense, but the show must go on, right. The school was forcefully shut for 3 weeks in December here in my city,which made all plan went awry. The elder son pre board exam was postpone to January (just finished yesterday). Besides, he will participate in the Cadenza concert again, Insha Allah on 19th January. So these few days I've been busy taking him to his practice. Wish us luck!

On sewing front, I'm taking a break for custom order until maybe March and will slow down a bit to rethink and re focus! 

I started the new year with a bang tho. I finish a  quilt top!! woohoo!. After watching this Ground Cover quilt tutorial from MSQC on Youtube, I know I must make it. The fabrics are leftover from my wallet and bag making. I used to cut several set of fabrics for passport wallet and it turned out I always make wallet from different fabrics. Lesson learnt!
It took me 2 days just to make the layer cake! But once everything is cut, sewing them doesn't take much time. 

I also started to sort out my overwhelming scraps! well, it takes a LOT of TIME to iron them and them cut them into usable sizes but it's so worth it when you see them neatly in the box! I went to Fancy Bazaar especially to get the boxes, they are around INR 250 each! 

I am cutting by colors, since I already sorted them out in colors, it's easier just to pick up one bucket and start ironing them. I already started another quilt project, and Insha Allah I will write the progress in my next blog post!

My sewing room is in a big mess right now but I'm happy that my fabric scraps are turning into something! I will send the top to be quilted as soon as I found a matching backing fabric which I like. 

Well, we can say that's my resolution this year! Let see!

Thank you for visiting & reading my blog! 

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!!

~ Elvira~


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