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Fun Multi Zipper Pouches


I've been having lots of fun making multi zippered pouches in the past few weeks. It was started with these pouches. It is so fun to make and I can use up my scraps too! 

Disney Pouches

Today I finished the above Disney pouches while waiting for the sons to come back from School. The weather was quite nice today, the humidity has drop significantly, so it was a good day to sew. 

image 0
Mickey Mouse Triple Zip Bag

The triple zipper bag is so spacious. You can use it for anything. We never have enough of pouches, right?. Even when I can make pouches, I still buy them whenever I see a cute one!

Linen Double Zip Bag

They really make a great gift and it's always useful for everyone. I always carry pouches too when I travel to keep my bag organize. To keep the headphone, cable charger,  emergency medicines, sweets, etc.

image 0
Disney Double Zip Pouch

The pattern will be out soon, Insha Allah, before the end of the month. I'm currently fine tuning everything. 

Linen Zipper Pouch

In the meantime, I added some of them in my Etsy Shop. Some of them are really one of a kind which I made from linen scraps! So much fun!!

Shabby Chic Pouch

By the way, all my handmade products in my Etsy Shops are now free worldwide shipping. That include my small quilt shop that I recently started. Do check them out when you're free. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a nice day!!
~ Elvira~

New Zipper Pouches

Hello again,

Yesterday I made these one of a kind zipper pouches which in my wish list to sew. It's a free pattern from Noodlehead. I downloaded the pattern a few months ago, but yesterday after sorting out another scrap bag I felt so inspired and got down to make these 4 zipper pouches!

Handmade Little Black Dress Zipper Pouch - One of a kind - Medium Size
Double Sided Zipper Pouch
I called this fabric the little black dress. It has very fun print. I added black fabric. This is the first one I made, I used interfacing on both exterior and lining. It made the pouch really sturdy. 

Handmade Little Black Dress Zipper Pouch - One of a kind - Medium Size
Little Black Dress Pouch

The second one is this black and red pouch. The fabric I used is rayon cotton which has interesting pattern. I fussy cut the fabric to get this double sided pouch! 

Handmade Red and Black  Zipper Pouch - One of a kind - Medium Size
Black and Red Pouch

I only put interfacing on the exterior fabrics for the three pouches. I think I love this better, since the pouch can turned out more spacious and flexible. I medium weight cotton fusible interfacing. It gives enough structure for the pouch. 

Handmade Floral  Zipper Pouch - Medium Size
Wide Open Pouch

I used the same method for my previous pouches which I am still using now. Even after several washing, the pouch remain the same. If you're in India, you might want to check out my post about interfacing

Handmade Floral  Zipper Pouch - Medium Size
Floral Zipper Pouch

I also use the same interfacing for this newsprint pouch. The newsprint fabric is a lightweight canvas fabric. 

Handmade Newsprint  Zipper Pouch - One of a kind - Medium Size
Newsprint Pouch

Making pouch is always fun and the result is so rewarding. It is also great for gifts. I always keep few handy for gifts. You can also learn to make one with this Basic Tutorial on How to Make Patchwork Pouch or download the PdF in the link below this post.

So, what are you sewing this week? 

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Sewing!


Back to school with handmade pouch


I'm back from the summer break in Indonesia. I apologize I could not visit and reply all the comments from my last post since I had to rush. I thought of replying and reading all the post during the holiday, but it just didn't happen. 

Now I'm back in the sultry weather of Indian summer. The past few days I was busy with tidying up my home after I read about Konmari method (go and google it :D ). You may have heard, read or saw her post all over social media. I get the drift from what I read on the blog and saw on Youtube so I decided to buy her book. I'm still waiting for it to arrive, so I will tell you about it (hopefully) in my next post!

Multi Zipper Pouch

In the middle of the chaos I created, I managed to finished 4 multi zipper pouches, which 2 of them are orders. The opportunity came at the right time, just when I was thinking to sew a few pouches for stock. I was looking and considering a few options. When she DM me on Instagram, she wanted a pouch with multiple compartments and this style is just perfect. 

Blue Transport 
 All my handmade are customizable and now you can check the available fabric collection in my NEW INSTAGRAM @chezviesfabs

Snoopy Denim Pouch

I always love to work with new prints. I especially love the snoopy fabrics. I recently got quite a few snoopy prints from my trip to Indonesia just because they are just too cute to pass! Like this snoopy back to school print. Isn't it too cute? 

Snoopy Back to School

I really love this colorful hearts print. This was the first multi zip pouch that I made. The pouch dimension is 8" W x 6.5" H which is so spacious! You can fit in lots of things in there. 

Pink Hearts Zip Pouch

You can even use it as make up pouch or even a passport bag! It simply versatile pouch. 

What about you? What did you sew this week? 

Thank you for stopping by,

Until then,
Happy Sewing


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