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TUTORIAL - How to Make Easy Fabric Ear Savers

Necessity is the mother of invention.

That quote is so true and looks at how people can be so creative with a mask during the pandemic. They even come up with the name, yes, ear savers.
I remember during my trip to Japan 2 years ago, I struggled with earloop masks because I'm wearing a hijab. Luckily my dear friend brought masks from Indonesia which is designed for hijaber, like me. Basically, it was like ear saver only it was a string of elastic. When I saw many people started making and sharing in Pinterest, I remember the one I wore in Japan. 

Today I finally get a chance to make one for myself and here is how I made it. The measurement is based on my measurement, so please feel free to reduce or add the length as necessary. 

Materials and Measurements: 

1 piece of fabric 8" w x 4" H (20 cm x cm)
1 piece of lightweight interfacing or all-purpose interfacing 7" x 2" (18 cm x 5 cm)
2 pairs of kam snap button 

Let's Have Fun : 

1. Center and fuse the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric and fold in all around seam towards the wrong side. 

2. Now fold the fabric lengthwise, clip it using wonder clips, and sew all around the perimeter using 1/8" seam allowance.

3. Installing snap buttons. Remember, the button stud and socket should be installed on the same side. First, install the stud on the outermost (3/8" or 1/2") from the edge. And the socket 1" from the stud. 

And voila! Your DIY ear saver is ready.  Now go ahead and make a few in different colors! If you wear hijab, you maybe want to pull the ear saver a little up so the mask won't slip down your face. I was thinking to use velcro but velcro tends to ruin my hijab or tangle your hair.  If you need more inspiration, I put together a board on Pinterest for this. Check it out. 

I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Do share with people who you think might benefit from this tutorial. After all, sharing is caring.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Take care & stay safe,

- Elvira - 

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