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Mini Trifold Wallet Video Tutorial


Wallet Video Tutorial
Midori Wallet Video Tutorial

Finally, the video tutorial for the Midori Wallet is up on YouTube and  I am happy to cross one list from my to-do list!  A few days ago I was cutting a Wonderland fabric to make a small bifold wallet for order and I had a small piece left, which is just perfect for the flap part of this trifold wallet. So I went ahead and cut another set. It's still on my RTS (ready to sew) box. I hope I can finish it by next week.


Get the Pattern on ETSY

Midori wallet is pretty easy and quick to sew. Also, it doesn't need a lot of materials. The wallet can hold 6 cards and more. I personally carry about 4 cards and nowadays in India mobile payment via Google Pay is very common. You can even purchase candies and Gpay it. And during the lockdown, we always bought most of the things online and now I sometimes forget to carry cash when I go out. 

Wallet sewing Pattern
Zipper Pocket 

Wonderland Trifold Wallet

If you love a minimalist wallet, this project is perfect for you. The pattern comes with full-scale templates that you can print out at home. Do let me know if you make one or if you have any questions. I'd be glad to assist you. 

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Sewing!





Hello and welcome to Sunday Stash!

This will be a quick post. It's a long weekends here in India so decided to have a pattern sale in my Website and Etsy too. Long weekends is a perfect day to take out your sewing machine and sew your fave projects.

All patterns are on 10% OFF. You can purchase directly from this page, just look at the right panel of the blog and add to cart. You don't even have to leave the blog!!  Don't forget to use code SEWLW10 while checking out. If you're purchasing from ETSY, there is no need for the coupon. 

What's on SALE?

Family Passport Holder with Lots of compartment to keep your family travel documents organized. 

Purchase in ETSY

Purchase on ETSY
Another favorite. This pattern comes in 2 sizes which is a perfect size to take for a walk or a quick errand or while traveling. Everyone needs one of a kind crossbody bag. It's always a best seller in craft shows. 
Purchase on Etsy
Mother's day is just around the corner. Grab this trifold pattern and make one for your mom or mom-in-law. My mom loved hers, since she can keep her phone in it too. No more lugging handbag for a quick errand. The pattern has many compartments for bills and zipper pockets. You know, we - women - loves to keep everything in our wallets :D 

Purchase on Etsy
Need a quick gift or to use your scraps? This will be a perfect project for you. A mini zipper pouch with a tissue holder. 

Purchase on Etsy

Don't forget to check the Pattern Updates and additional FREE TUTORIALS - link is on the right panel of this blog. 

Have a great long weekends!!

Tuesday Thoughts : Blog or Social Networking Sites


Whatever you are, be a good one ~ Abrahan Lincoln

When I wrote my Sunday Stash post, I realized that there are many projects which I have not documented here in the blog. Between 2016 and 2017, I too got swept away in the SNS wave. 
While I was writing and wanting to link up to my old blog post, I just could not find it. As much as I love Facebook and Instagram for the instant sharing, I realized that blog has so much more. More stories and memories. Besides, blog is more organized. You can look back and see how far you've reached in your crafting journey. 

I even made a matching NCW clutch. I used burlap fabrics for the exterior and a contrast checkered black and white on the inside.

NCW using Burlap Fabric

There was interesting story behind those two. The set was sold to one of my Etsy customers. It was a repeat order. The package went all the way to the USA and came back, because she was traveling when the package arrived. We arranged another shipment, and again it came back because she missed the delivery. Naturally, I refunded the money, minus the shipping charge.  I was more amused than upset. Well, it was not meant to be! 

Batik and Denim ~ perfect combo

I made Batik EDT and NCW set for my Indonesian friend in Mumbai. She sent me the Indonesian batik fabric. I used blue denim as a combination and it turned out perfect!! She and her daughter loved it!

Batik EDT Handbag

This second batik EDT I made for a friend in Indonesia last year. She sent me Batik Madura from her shop collections and since it was a narrow fabric, I made EDT at 85% which is a perfect size for a handbag. I added leather strap and handles. 

Thanks Ony for tagging me <3

She wanted a wallet to go with the tote bag, so I made this Trifold Wallet.

Batik Trifold Wallet

This is the only picture that I can find in my google photos album. Pheew...
I really love her Batik Madura collections and picked up a few from her shop. You can follow her Instagram account to see her latest collections. 

What about you? Which one do you prefer? Blog or Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Instagram? 
For me, blog is always my fave, even though I got distracted for quite sometimes. If you are an online seller, you might consider  to start writing a blog. According to the SEO experts, blog always get preference to be indexed by google and always turn up in search if you use the correct keywords. Even 5 or 10 years later. Blog traffics are more organic, which is again an advantage since many SN sites started to shut down bots. While Social Network Sites, they like anything instant, it goes out of search radar pretty quickly. 

That's all for today's thoughts. 
Have a lovely day!

Handbag and Wallet set - a gift set for Mom


When Namrata showed me her (then) new pattern of Rose Handbag, I knew I will make one for my mom. I could not test it at that time because I hurt my pinky and could not do any sewing that needed "birthing".

And a few days ago I finally got down to make one. My mom loves florals, and she loves Blue and Red. So I picked this Japanese linen with Red Rose print. But of course, I have to make a set, with the trifold women's wallet. 

This is my 4th bag from Bagstock Designs and I love how this Rose turned out. For you who started to sew a bag, don't hesitate. Namrata's pattern is always easy to follow with clear photos and instructions.

I used Japanese linen and dark blue denim and my Singer machine worked like a charm going through all the layers. well, except the one with the D-rings for the removable strap. So, I skipped stitching just a few mm from there. 

I have a matching blue egg color polka dots which perfect for the lining and added a red zipper for fun. I know I'm going to make more of this bag! I need one for myself!

And when you have a pretty bag, you need a matching pretty wallet, right?

So I made one!! I thought of using denim and the rose print for the exterior but I changed my mind. Instead, I used denim as the interior base and love how this turned out.

I also tried a new technique for the interior zipper! I will post the tutorial soon! Subscribe to my blog so you won't miss the post!

I made the 12 cards variant. I think my sister will snatch this wallet from Mom. LOL. I hope I have a little time to make more wallet for my sisters before my trip next week! I still have few more wallet and bag to make.

Until then,

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