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Sunday Stash 14 - Fabric Sale

Guwahati, Assam, India
Hello there,

If you're a member of Chezvies Fabrics Club on Facebook, you  maybe aware of the de-stashing that is currently going on in the shop. Make sure that you turn on the notification sign so you won't miss the new post.

Let's take a peek of what fabrics are currently on Sale. 

GREY fat Quarter Bundle - arrows and cats
Grey Cat & Arrows

Yellow Nursery Set Fat Quarter Bundle of 3 - Mickey Mouse, Elsa, Winnie The Pooh fabrics
Yellow Nursery Set

Country Landmark Fat QUARTER Bundle of 3
Paris and London Landmarks

BBQ cooking Theme cotton fabric - sold by half meter
Barbeque (BBQ) Theme

Patchwork Print Purple- sold by half meter
Japan Design Patchwork Print

Anchor Fat QUARTER Bundle of 3
Anchor Set

Stars Fat QUARTER Bundle of 3
Star Bundle
I also added a couple of fabric blenders that you can mix and match them yourself. Some fabrics are sold per half meter and some are already pre cut,  it either comes in bundles or single fat quarter. You can also request for special bundle.

I will be adding more from time to time, as my goal is to reduce my personal collection. Last but not least, if you sign up for Club Member, you will also get Coupon Code that you can use whenever you purchase something. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a love day.

~ Elvira ~

Sunday Stash 13 - New Instagram


I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. My Sunday started with a visit to the doctor to consult about my allergy. Last Sunday we went and he told me to be a vegetarian for a week. Well, I did , except one day when I went to visit DH's aunt and I gobbled paratha and chicken korma. Changing is tough! ^_^. The good news is everything is OK {Alhamdulillah} and with the meds , hopefully I will be fine in a month {Insha Allah}.

What about this new instagram? I mentioned in my previous post about @chezviesfabs

The idea was to make it easier for me and my customers to see what fabric options they have when they want to order wallets and bags. All this time, I have an album set up in my google photos, but since everyone is on Instagram, I think this will be a better platform. 

I already uploaded a couple of fabrics and will keep on updating it everyday. All in the information regarding the fabric is written under each photo. 

I also added polka dots and stripes, as I love to use them as accent and binding. 

I hope this way, it is easier for the buyers to see and they can also mix and match the fabrics themselves. 

 If you're on instagram please check it out and say hello @chezviesfabs. If you'd like to see the behind the scene, you can check @chezvies and the shop is @chezvies_shop.

Thank you for stopping by. 
Happy Sunday!

~ Elvira ~

Sunday Stash 10 - Indigo Fabrics


Indigo is everywhere! Whatever you make, it will look stunning, from dresses to bags, etc. 

Small Floral Block Print Cotton

I recently added a couple of Indigo blue fabrics in my ETSY SHOP and CHEZVIES SHOP (India only). The indigo based with small floral above will be prefect for dresses or even a pouch or a quilt. 

I really love this white based with big floral. It is a soft cotton which I think would be great to make a wholecloth quilt or a pillow cover.

White Based Indigo Floral 

Another fave is this small print floral. It's block print linen fabric. I made a passport holder for order with the same fabric. 

Floral Indigo

Floral or Geometric Indigo Fabric

Triangle Light Indigo Cotton Fabric

Indigo Chevron Mudcloth

Or even unique novelty and nature prints.

Indigo Moustache
(In Etsy)

Indian Auto Rickshaw
(in Etsy)

Dates Tree Block Print 
(Also available in Etsy)

Also available in rayon and modal fabric

Rayon Fabric
(in Etsy)

Modal Fabric
(in Etsy)

Here are a few ideas :

Lampshade by MinimalbohoinWA

Indigo Sling Bag

Indigo Paisley Passport Cover
(in Etsy)

Shop Links:

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Stash #8 - Burlap or Jute Fabrics

Hello and welcome to Sunday Stash! 

Natural Beige color burlap with floral print, Orange flower jute fabric for Christmas wreath, vintage, shabby chic home decor
Orange Green Floral Jute

Burlap fabrics have their own charms. There are varieties of burlap from the texture, the finish, etc

We got this processed burlap or jute, which can be made into any sewing projects, from dresses to bag to home decor.

Spring Color Jute

Working with jute or burlap is fun. I can iron and add interfacing the way I do with cotton fabrics.

Printed Jute Travel Pouch

Flower print Jute - printed burlap - available in 2 colors
Printed Burlap/Jute

Look at this bag made by Raji of Homemaker's Hustle. She combined printed jute and plain solid burlap and create this pretty Plumeria Bag. Check out HMH Facebook Page for more one of a kind bags. 

No automatic alt text available.
Plumeria Bag from HMH

You can also combine jute or burlap and cotton or other fabric.

Blue Floral Jute
Like this Kindle Cover I made sometimes back. I combined jute and linen on which I did a DIY block print

Kindle Cover
Solid jute burlap fabric in tan or blue color, plain burlap, natural color, indian fabric, crafting, sewing, DIY, half yard
Solid Jute/Burlap
Here are few more burlap/jute bags samples : 
No automatic alt text available.
Burlap Everyday Tote Bag

Burlap & Cotton Super Tote

Jute and Ikat Super Tote
No automatic alt text available.
Jute and Kalamkari Ruby Handbag by HMH

​Natural tan color jute craft matrtial, burlap with gold print, golden printed jute fabric
Golden Print Burlap
Jute or burlap fabrics are available here:

Thank you for stopping by. 

Happy Sunday

Sunday Stash #6 - Floral Fabrics


Big Floral Leaf Block Print Cotton

When it comes to floral designs, India has the most rich collection. All kind of floral shapes, size and colors. Many fabric designers claimed to have their inspiration from India

Floral with leheriya border

Floral design which inspired from the mughal era. The different color tone creates a unique beauty.

Colorful Block Print Floral

A traditional - eternal design block printed on solid based with faint leheriya or chevron design. 

Rich and Bright colors - glace cotton fabric with contrast border

Off White Chanderi with embroidered border

Combination technique of block print and embroidery. Or even with woven floral design. The off white chanderi cotton above is my favorite. The fabric is simply luxurious cotton. Elegant colors which will be perfect for any kind of fabric craft. 

White based with blue and pink block print flower
Green Paisley

Drop in at the shop in Etsy or in my WEBSHOP to see more collection of Indian floral fabrics. 

Until then,
Happy Sewing

Sunday Stash #5 - Shade of Purple

Hello again,

Purple Fat Quarter Bundle
Do you know there are so many different shades in purple, like violet, mauve, lilac, lavender, iris, etc.

Batik Bali - Purple Bundle
This check purple is a shot cotton or a woven fabric. We call it handloom here in India. It's good for any sewing project, like tunics, short dresses, or even a home decor. 

Purple - Violet Shot Cotton 

Mauve Shot Cotton

Wine Color Shot Cotton

Shot cotton or cotton handloom is so breathable. It's my fave during the summer months. Especially in a place with high humidity. Besides, it's good for other things too. I made a couple of pouch, table runners and bags. 

And here is the sneak peek of what I'm working on using Bali Batiks

You can check more fabrics here:

Until then,

Happy Sewing

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