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Lemonade Star Table Runner

I finished this!!

I was feeling listless and started opening my scrap boxes when I came across the yellow, blue and green strips, and I thought why not making another friendship star.

and so I did

I like the yellow, blue and green against the white. It give spring-y feeling. Well, I do wish spring come faster. February is sort of my "down" month. Though the temperature is pleasant, but it's dry and dusty in here. This is the season when almost everyone get cough and cold. 

When I work on a project, I choose my fabric as I go. I don't go all at once at the beginning. Many times I will change my direction or preference. 

This was my initial design. I wanted something "white-ish" as the outer border and I love this white with green flower. But after I put it together it doesn't look as good as I imagined. 

so, it's unpicking times. Thank God for Kdrama, unpicking became a tolerable activity :D . 

then I searched for yellow instead of blue or white. and I love it!

Quilting was fun and quick. Though I want to do other quilting design, but I ended up doing meandering again. This time a little bigger than the RED RIDING HOOD one. 

binding as usual is finished by hand while watching re-run of  my "good feeling" Kdrama, My Princess. 

Don't you love the backing fabric? It was just perfect match!! 

et voila!! 

my lemonade table runner!!

another shot!!

This table runner is on sale at

and if you need one of a kind Indian cotton print (like the one I used in this quilt), do visit my fabric shop at 

Until then,

Happy Quilting

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