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New small bifold wallet

I finished this small bi fold wallet yesterday. I kind love it! I was supposed to work on a custom order but when I saw the fabric suddenly got this idea to make a small wallet! 

I am currently using it to see how it will hold up. I do that a lot with my products. I already noted a few things that I need to work on before I start making a few for the shop.

During the Ramadan, I don't sew so much. But I love to sew in between all the activities that's going on. I also bought new fabrics!! We went to shop for Eid last Sunday. We supposed to buy kurta pyjama for hubby and the boys when hubby decided to stop at Linen Club shop! The shop has been on my list to visit for a long time. Although I passed the shop every week, but I never stopped. Well, everything happens at its own time, right?!

The shop has all kind of linens!! and it's expensive LOL. I asked the shop keeper if I can buy half meter cuts. In few fabric shops here, they have a minimum cut. When he said yes I quickly picked up a few. 

Aren't they gorgeous? 

my true story! LOL
That's all my story for this week! I'll be busy making cookies for Eid in the next few days :D 

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Have a nice weekends


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Wednesday WIP Log Cabin blocks


Don't you love those fabrics? I got the bundle from my trip to Japan last year. I got quite a lot of fabrics last year and happy that I finally got the perfect project to use them. 

I am making another log cabin bag for a custom order. So excited!!
I cut the stripa 1" wide this time and I am doing a chain piecing. 

I am progressing quite fast and love the result so far. Ah, I got that new tool from my recent trip to the Tokyo quilt show. The roller is perfect for pressing small blocks!  The other one I bought was a needle threader, which really awesome! I always drop my thread whenever I am hand sewing. Definitely by best buys!!

Isn't this cool??

I hope to finish this bag by early next week because I still have a couple of travel wallet orders that I have to complete this week. My sewing room have been quite busy since I came back from Japan and I am happy with the mess! 

What are you working on this week? 

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A lot of fun fabric bundles


It's so good to be able to write the blog again. I've been writing in my mind all the time. I was so busy after I came back from summer holiday. I had a great time, by the way. I updated a few of the holiday photos in my Instagram account. 

So here's what happened. I made fabric bundles!! Yes, lots of them and I am still making more. This is part of my destashing program. 

Like these  Bali Batik Duos (it's Fat Quarter set of 2) 

Floral Fat Quarter Bundle

I really enjoyed the process, cutting, putting the colors together, folding and taking good photos. 

Looking at these pretty fabrics, really lift up my spirit. I still have a lot of bundles to make, if you're interested, you're most welcome to join Chezvies Fabrics Club  on Facebook where you can get the first dip on the bundles. 

Make sure you check the shop to see what's available now. 

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Until then,

Happy Sewing

Fabric Shopping in Seoul

I will not bore you with my stories, let the pics do the talking ...

yup that's me, I went to Korea with my friend, Mita. And the above pic was on my way to Happy Quilt in Dongdaemun market, Seoul- Korea. And look what greeted me once I came out from the lift <3

luckily I just had a little time before the shop closed otherwise I'd have blown my cards and would not know how to carry them back to India :P

My loot
look at these beauty
pre cuts
Happy Quilt 
many shops selling Japanese quilt kits and fabrics

More of Dongdaemun Market is here  and if you happen to have lots of time you can visit Happy Quilt in Jije (which I didn't ). 

and that's me again, tired and hungry (I was having kimbab :P )  but extremely Happy with my bundles of joy. 

Well, Bo Derek is right when she said

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness
simply didn't know where to go shopping." 

Until then,

Happy Quilting

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