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Coasters from Leftover Scrap Fabrics (Video Tutorial)


I wanted to share with you what I recently made - a couple of coasters as gifts. I didn't really feel like sewing, but I needed to make something quick. So, I grabbed the scrap bag under my cutting table and started picking out a few fabrics. I decided to keep it simple and use just one set of colors for the coasters. They turned out pretty nice, and I hope my friend loved them!

These coasters are really easy and quick to make. It takes around 10-15 minutes only. Well, I spent more time picking up the fabrics. I mean, rummaging through scrap bins is really fun, right? I just made some coasters and they were so easy and quick to make! It only took me around 10-15 minutes to finish them. Although, I must admit that I spent more time picking out the fabrics. Going through scrap bins is just so much fun, don't you think?

Materials I used:

Leftover strips of fabrics 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches lightweight non-woven interfacing (optional) 5 x 5 inches fabric for backing

As I love making videos, here's the video tutorial to make the coasters!

When it comes to fabric choices, I like to use cotton batting for my larger projects, but for smaller ones, I'll use whatever is available. Recently, I made a pink-green coaster using poly batting, but it turned out a bit flat, even though I didn't quilt it too densely. On the other hand, the blue coasters I made with cotton batting and only quilted along the seams turned out great. In the video, I used block print scrap fabrics, which have different shades of every color. To give my final product more structure, I always use nonwoven lightweight interfacing, but you can skip it if you prefer a different finish.

I have a few more unfinished projects in progress. Follow me on YouTube where I share almost daily updates on my work.

Thank you for stopping by,

Happy Sewing!


Celebrating Independence Day

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

This is the way quilters celebrating Independence Day. And in my case, I have 2 Independence Day to celebrate, India and Indonesia. 

We at Desi Quilters are having August Challenge with the rules: (1)  Make a mini not bigger than 12"x12", using pieces not bigger than 1.5" finished (2) Colours to be used - saffron, white and green ONLY..Yes, the Indian Flag colours.

I was in the middle of busy Ramadan, but I just can't stay away from my sewing machine especially when I have this lovely block to try which I think will be perfect for the challenge. Yes, it's Great Granny from Bee in My Bonnet

So here's my entry for the August Challenge:

6.5" squares Coaster 

and the second one, today 17th August  is Indonesia's Independence Day. To celebrate it, today I first attempted making this coaster using foundation piecing. Which is TOUGH!! But I made it, though it's not as neat as I'd like it to be. The finish size is 4.5" squares. I should have tried something bigger than that -,-. 

So, here's the Red and White (Indonesian Flag colors) coaster:

Until then...Happy Quilting ^_^

India MQG April Challenge

"Our lives are like quilts - bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love"

Here's the rule of IMQG's April Challenge Your challenge is to use the colours of the IMQG logo to make a quilt block that reflects what modern quilting means to you. We encourage you to stretch yourself and plan an interesting composition that represents your own unique voice. (And if this looks suspiciously similar to the Quiltcon block challenge, IT IS.)

So I decided to make this friendship braid  mini quilt . Cos just like the braid of different color, IMQG members  come from different background and even countries. But then we have the same passion: Quilting. We share, learn and encourage each other.

You don't have to be perfect in your cutting, cos like they say "there's no mistake in cutting , there's only more  opportunity for creativity". Any tiny bits of fabrics remnants can be made into something beautiful, even as simple as these humble coasters

Just like Scott Adams said : "Creativity is allowing your self to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"

Until then....Happy Quilting

Today’s craft

Yesterday I cut few pieces of fabric to make zipper pouch. But only 2 are done today, plus 4 fabric coasters. My working time usually  not start until my younger son goes to school at about 10.30 am. After a nice hot cup of tea & few biscuits, I usually start doing what I set out to do that day. At times, I can get very lazy and one more thing, I avoid opening my laptop when I have sewing work to do..^_*. Since I roughly have 1 hour free everyday, before my elder one come from school followed by the younger one. By the time they settle down (napping or playing with his crayons), it’s already 3 pm. If they are agreeable, I can continue my sewing otherwise it has to wait for a couple of days.

So, today being one of those hectic day, only these stuff I finished. The bright pink stripe zip pouch is made of south Indian hand woven cotton – my favorite . Both the pouches are interfaced and lightly padded, so it’s safe for gadgets too.




Today I visited my friend’s blog who has finished her embroidery projects. She did bullion stitch on one of her shirt, which is very cute and she’s done a very nice embroidery.  She’s also done smocking which is very pretty. This remind me of my unfinished smocking projects. I have done the smocking embroidery, but I haven’t got around to sew the dress..I know it’s very bad habit *_*

Mbak Pingkan2 (2)

Mbak Pingkan1 (2) 

Good nite for now…~_~

Few Things for Friends

These are few things I have made very recently...still trying to get organized, which is something I always fail to do..:(. I do dresses till I get bored, then I switch to bags & coasters, and then embroidery...and sometimes making earrings, cell phone charms, etc...I guess I'm made that way...and whenever I clear up my workstation I just couldn't work...I sort of need my messy situation to be able to create something...hmmm...i don't know if any of you experienced the same thing..but believe me I tried to work neatly but it never worked...my idea will just desert me when my table is clean...
so, here are few...I don't know who will be the lucky one..but I intend to give this away since I'm going to Indonesia...^_*

pouchgrab bag3 coasters

pink coasters

Thanks for looking ^_^

And Here's More Fabric Coasters

These I made for my dear friends...I hope they like it and I'm really fortunate to find such a good souls in this foreign land. What I love most about them is their positive attitude....laugh and laugh out loud a lot...I mean, even though we haven't phisically met, but we speak (almost) constantly on YM, Phone or SMS....Internet really make a big bad world become a little lovely place where we can share our ideas, lifting up each other spirit...showing off our not-so-perfect projects through video conferences....oh yeah..I certainly can't live without internet...^_^. So, girls...this is for you...:

Polkadots Red Coasters & matching Tray Cloth
I put 3 little yoyo flowers on the tray cloth

Blue Dominos
The polkadots fabric remind me of dominos card. I tried using patchwork here, even though it's not perfect but it's quite addictive to make patchwork. For embellishment, I put graadtion blue crochet lace and decorative stitches around the edges.

Let's play dominos

Thanks for looking & happy crafting

The Pink Panther..errrr Polkadots

I told you I'm addicted:D. Let me know what you think..ok?!. Btw, the Pink Set already listed in the shop, and soon I will make more with different colors. And for you who lives in Europe, I also listed these in my dawanda shop.

This is one Set of 4 coasters and 1 pc tray cloth. The fabric is pure cotton for the coasters and thick cotton linen for the tray cloth.

I tried making this fabric flower. And I love how it turned out...I got the Tutorial from HERE. Of course mine is not as good as hers yet...they say practice makes perfect, so I will need looooots of practice now..^_*.

Thanks for stopping by....happy crafting

Can't get enough: Coasters

I can't get enough of making this coasters...it's simply addictive :). I saw the tutorial at AllSorts few months back and planned to make one someday. That someday came 2 days ago when I sort of cleaning my trunk and found scrap of fabrics hidden there. This is really an easy stress buster..U know after few tasking sewing projects doing something fun like this is really great....and what do you think??

Thanks for stopping by....have a nice crafty days

Personalized Coasters for Dear Friend

These are the complete set of coasters (6 of them) that I made for my friend's DH's birthday. She had some sort of cyber birthday party for him...(such a sweet gesture..dont you think..;) ;)...)
so without further a do here they are:

I hope they will like them though....well, actually I wanted to do blanket stitch all around the coasters but then I already very late for my SWAP with her so I just sent them yesterday....Ow..forgot to post what I got from my swap..:D...

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