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A finished quilt - Under the Sea Jelly Roll Race Quilt

 Finally a finished quilt!

Jelly Roll Quilt

I finished the jelly roll top early this year and it was approximately 60 x 60 inches. I made the jelly roll from Indian block print fabrics in turquoise /emerald green shades. 
I thought I'll add a white border on top and bottom to make a 60 x 80 inches quilt, but I changed my mind when I found the teal green print in my stash just enough for the border! 

Initially, I thought I will do hand quilting but I don't have to confident LOL. I am still learning to make smaller hand quilted mug rugs and coasters and to jump into making a big one will be too ambitious, I think haha! So, after finished making the quilt sandwich in the afternoon, I went ahead and quilted it in the evening. No fancy quilting, simply wavy lines about 2 inches apart in my Jack machine. I used a stitch length 4 and it turned out ok. 

On the back, I made a panel from Indian batik which I got from Tina a few years ago and I got a matching floral print from my stash. 

I am inspired by Saira's quilts on Instagram. In case you want to make backing like this, I cut the middle panel at 42" x 62" as I want approximately 10" borders all around. The floral fabric has a printed border on one side, and luckily it was long enough that I can put on the top and bottom borders. 

The quilt is a birthday gift for my younger son. He loves green and he's happy with this one. Now, the quilt will be happily used - just in time for winter. He's been using the first quilt I made years ago

the elder son is helping me with the photoshoot! 

I posted the quilt on Desi Quilters Group on Facebook and Barbara mentioned that Under the Sea would be a perfect title for this quilt! Thanks, Barbara! 

I'm glad I got one UFO quilt done and I still have 2 more big quilt tops to quilt. I hope I can finish them within this year. I picked the backing already and I got a full roll of cotton batting, so I really have to make an effort and finish them :D. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay creative, stay safe!


PdF Pattern Sale on Etsy and Webshop

It's my birthday today and let's celebrate with a SALE ! Yay! 
I'm truly very grateful for your continued support all these years! I wouldn't be where I am today without you all my online families wherever you are! ** * sending group hugs *** 

If you shop from my website, DO NOT FORGET to use the code HBD25 

if you shop from ETSY, you don't need any coupon code! Yay!! 

Sale valid through 9 FEB 2020 !

Thank so much once again!

Much Love & Happy Sewing!

- Elvira

I'm the happiest

birthday girl in town!!

I was thinking, I must have been done some good deeds that I am rewarded with my fave stuff!!!

Look what came in the mail this week from my fave bagmaker bff Namrata of BAGSTOCK 

You all should check her Facebook Page or her ETSY  to see her bags!  They are simply awesome. 

This birthday gift make my 7th bag from Bagstock :D
Yep, I am a big sucker for handmade bags!! 

I took the bag to piano class today and loved it! it's very spacious and easy to carry. 
btw in case you wonder, it's my sons who are doing the class, while me teaching the piano teacher quilting after class...that will be in another blog post :D

Here's another variations of Boho Bag from Bagstock

Photos by Bagstock

and of course who doesn't like these pretty threads??? 
Namrata bought them when she was learning to quilt and now since she doesn't quilt and the threads didn't work on her machine, she sent them to me

it's 79 spools in total!!!

and the Indian batik Jelly Rolls!!!

I was dancing a happy dance when the package arrived!! 

Now, I feel like making more quilts!!

Thanks a lot Namrata!! Thank you for being my friend!!
Love you, Gal!

Until then,

Happy Quilting

Let the music play

Few weeks back, the boys' piano teacher said that she loved the pencil pouch I made for the boys. 
She didn't believe that I made that my self *ahem* 
So I said I will make one for her

I guess fabric is like destiny. I admit that I collected fabric faster than I sew [any body with me?] >_< 
but then you never know when ideas strike or when you're going to need certain print, right?
Just like this time

I decided to make with the black and white one and gave a red lining to match with the zipper
well, black and white and red never goes wrong ^_^

oh and she loved it! 
What can be a better reward than someone who received your handmade with pure delight in their eyes? I'm blessed _/\_

As usual, I made few more but of different type

Boxy long pouch, which is perfect as amenity or toiletry bag 

and another one is the triangle pouch.
The triangle pouch is good for keeping sewing or quilting tools, isn't it?

I didn't use any interfacing or stabilizer here

Instead I used flannel as batting and quilted it using decorative stitches.
oh I love using decorative stitches for quilting. it gives personality to the whole look of the quilt.

Flannel batting is my favorite, since it's easily available here. It's perfect for tote bags and runners.
It's light but give enough structure to the bag/quilt.

I tried using thin foam but I was not satisfied with the result plus it's rather difficult to sew. At least for me.

The pouches are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop

Fabric : Toko Chan

Until then,

Happy Quilting

Lots of zippy pouches

The birthday party went off well last Sunday and even the grown ups wanted the zippy pouch that I made to fill in the goody bags.

It was on impulse that I decides to make these zippies. I asked the birthday boy to choose the fabrics and he did.

The big bro even wanted to me to show him the sewing process. Later on I found out that he bragged abit about his mom sewing the pouch to his friends. How sweet is that! My best compliment!

A friend saw my post and wanted for her daughters, hence the pink series ^_^

Some of these pouches already up the my ETSY SHOP .
Go and grab few now, it comes in a Gift Pack of 3 

I really enjoy making pouches. In fact I always do. 

I have done few more of this pouches yesterday. 

and now, I better back to my quilt ...

pssst! don't you like all those fancy picture editor in your android? Well, I am addicted to them. recently found this pipcamera which is awesome!

until then

Happy Sewing

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