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Lots of Wallets

Trifold Fabric Wallets
Trifold Wallets 


I've been quite busy this month and making quite a few wallets. I had some problems with my Jack machine in between and had to use my Singer HD. It takes a little time to sew on a domestic machine again after a long time. I particularly miss the knee lifter. I called up the dealer and he sent the technician after 2 days. It was resolved immediately. Speaking about industrial machines, I am considering getting the compound industrial machine. 

Anyway, from my sewing room, I made quite a few wallets. The first two are these Sheep Wallets! The first one is the Trifold Wallet and the second one is the double zippered wallet from Noodlehead pattern. It was a repeat order from a customer who loves black sheep! I made 2 trifold wallets as the customer wanted the sheep fabric on the exterior. 

handmade wallet for women

fabric wallet for women
Trifold Cardholder Wallet

I have not made this double-zipper wallet for quite some time. As I was preparing to make this sheep wallet, I also cut a few more to make. I hope I will have time to complete them soon. 
This pink sheep fabric is quite cute! I have a Nuno Zipper wallet and a Mini Trifold Wallet made with this fabric. 

Double Zip Wallet
Double Zipper Wallet

double zipper wallet

Next, I made these Small Hanami Pochettes. One is for a repeat customer and the other one I made for a stock. Well, actually the customer was asking for a rounded corner flap but I made a rounded flap! Luckily Hanami pochette is quick and easy to put together, so I quickly made another one! It's a blessing in disguise, now I have one pochette ready to ship in the shop! 

Red floral wristlet wallet
Small Wristlet Wallet

cardholder wallet
Dedicated cardholder 

small wristlet

handmade wallet
It has a back zipper pocket

I also made another Rosie wallet in this lovely blue floral print for a customer. I have the same print in Green and Pink, and now thinking of making the series. I love using Rosie wallet, as I don't carry many cards or cash nowadays. It can fit nicely into my small purse. The additional keychain to handy when I carry a big tote, I can clip it inside the tote bag. 

Cardholder Wallet

Small Zipper Wallet

Small Card Wallet
Blue floral wallet

The last one I sent out last week was this world map print safari passport wallet for a friend. It was a bit delayed in completion because I always forgot to send her the fabric choice. I forget a lot nowadays, so when a friend or acquaintance wants to order a wallet, I always suggest they buy from the WEBSITE. That way I can keep track of what I have to do next and when to send it out. 

Safari Travel Wallet is versatile for solo or a couple travellers. Or even a small family who always travel together. I gifted to my sons when they go to college to keep their passports and other important documents. 

Fabric Passport Wallet

Travel Passport Wallet
Safari Travel Passport Wallet

So yeah, it was a pretty busy week for me and now I need to take 2 days break from sewing to tidy up my sewing room! It's pretty messy right now! I have a few more wallet orders for next week, so stay tuned!! 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Have a nice weekend!



Patchwork Wallets with Keyring

patchwork quilted wallets


Last week I had a quite productive week. After a long time, I made a small batch of patchwork wallets. This time I used the Rosie Wallet pattern. Since the wallet is pretty small (the finished size is 4" x 5"), I use skinny strips of fabric. I cut the fabrics between 1" to 1.5" wide. 

patchwork wallet

It started with a message on my Etsy shop that she wanted pink and green patchwork Rosie Wallets. She said she loves floral prints. So I started working on the order making the patchwork panels first. And of course, I cannot stop making just one wallet, right? 

Making patchwork wallets is always fun. From sorting out the scrap fabrics to choosing the best combination and binding. 
I happen to have pink floral scrap bundles that I bought from Indonesia. So from those, I choose a few for the card slots.

cardholder wallet

This time I used polycotton batting 180 gsm which is pretty sturdy so I did not use lightweight interfacing on the patchwork panels like the previous patchwork wallets.  If using low-loft cotton batting, I'd suggest using lightweight interfacing before quilting it. 

This time, I also did hand quilting in 2 wallets and in one wallet I did machine quilting. For the hand quilting I used pearl cotton thread no 8 and I really love how it turned out. 

Deciding which binding to use is also another fun part. My go-to choice for binding is either polka dots or stripes. But this time, I decided to try floral binding too and I think it's turned out pretty great. 

hand quilted wallet
Patchwork Polka Dots Wallet

card wallet with keyring
Cardholder Wallet

card wallet with keyring
Card Holder Wallet

floral patchwork wallet

Rosie wallet is a versatile wallet. I carry it often as it fits perfectly in my small crossbody bag. It can hold quite a few cards (6-10 cards) and the 2-in-1 zipper pocket is handy to keep small changes or items. As we mostly use mobile payment, for me personally carrying a small wallet is very convenient. 

I plan to make more patchwork wallets in the future. I need to seriously use my overwhelming scraps and of course my stash! I have a few ideas in my head, so hopefully I'll be able to share another Scrapbuster video tutorial soon!. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Have a nice day,



Rosie Wallet with Flap Closure

Handmade Wallets


Last month, I made a few Rosie Wallet orders. This time the customer wanted a flap closure. This is one quick wallet that you can make over the weekends. The original pattern has a hidden button closure.

This year I promise myself I won't buy new fabrics and will only sew from my stash! and these are some of them. Last month I was busy sorting out my fabric stash, organizing my bag-making supplies and organising my WIPs. I found this metal button which matches perfectly for the wallet! Metal buttons, especially the antique color, give out rustic vibes, which I love. 


I use handloom or hand-woven cotton fabric from my stash for the fabric combo. I have always been fond of Indian handloom - its multi-hued colour looks very nice for my projects to use as an accent or combo. It's also easy to work with. 

Rosie Wallet pattern

The Rosie wallet is small and compact, it's just perfect to carry around every day. I love to carry one when I use a smaller handbag or crossbody bag. Nowadays, with mobile payment becoming more common, I hardly have to carry my credit or debit cards although I can literally fit in 10 cards in this small wallet. 

You can check out my latest wallets in my ETSY shop or on my WEBSITE

And if you want to make your own Rosie Wallet, it's available on my ETSY SHOP  and SEW MODERN BAG

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Have a nice day 



More Patchwork Wallets

Red Patchwork Wallet


For the past couple of weeks, I have been having fun making small wallets. I made more patchwork wallets too using scraps from other wallets like the one I shared in my previous post. I think I am keeping one of them for myself as I haven't changed my wallet in the past 3 years.

Last week I made 3 wallets in brown color. One was patchwork and the other two were from patchwork print fabric.

Patchwork Wallet
Nuno Small Wallets

Well, creating your own patchwork panel is more fun of course, because we can mix and match whatever we fancy. Someone asked me on Instagram how to mix and match colors for patchwork. I think the best is to follow your instinct. At the end of the day, the patchwork that you created is a reflection of who you are, an extension of yourself as a crafter.

For me, sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to come up with the combo that I like, sometimes it takes a few days and a few patchwork tops that I am not happy with (that will go to my orphan block bin).
Here is another patchwork wallet I made using Rosie Wallet patterns. When making a quilted wallet, we need to adjust the combination of interfacing that we use. I talked about it in this Video. It may take you a couple of trials and errors before you find the combo that you like. Everyone has personal choices. Just do what you like best!

Making these patchwork wallets is addictive! Sometimes when I feel uninspired, I just dig into my scrap bin and make small patchwork panels. Many of them are still in my WIP bin. They are in various sizes. Now I have to find a suitable project for them.

That's all for today, have a nice day!

Happy Sewing!


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